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Chinese and Taiwanese investors agree about Thai property

There are not a lot of things China and Taiwan agree upon. And while Beijing and Taipei may not see eye-to-eye, Chinese and Taiwanese...


    Japanese style design

    3 tips to bring Japanese style design to your home

    The influence of Japanese culture and style can be found throughout Bangkok. From the numerous...

    Achieve feng shui at home

    Let the positive energy flow around your home with our feng shui tips.As we embark...

    Should I rent my property on a short or long term?

    Help decide whether short term is the best option for your investment property. If you own...


    Dot Property’s regional property magazine has a highly targeted audience made primarily of property investors, home buyers, renters, expats and property professionals.

    The quarterly publication is distributed digitally, and as a print edition throughout Asia’s top hotels, property events, airports, private hospitals, embassies, expat clubs, restaurant, agent offices, Cafés and many other locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

    Best of the Best Awards

    About the Awards

    It’s that time of the year again – the time when we take a look back at the year, and also when we reward the deserving...

    For professionals

    4 Tips To Increase Your Site’s Google Ranking

    Building a user-friendly website is not easy, and building a search-engine friendly site that shows...

    How to close an offer

    The offer is in but your work does not stop there.After all the hard work...

    Should I advise my landlord to furnish their property?

    Help your landlord to decide on whether they should let their property on an unfurnished...


    The winning formula

    Issue 15 | Feature brought to you by VIP KATA Condominiums Building a new property may appear to be straightforward. Find a plot of land, design...

    Effortless living

    A new era of living in Silom

    Ultimate home and investment

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