Dot Property Group 2022 Thailand Real Estate Year in Review

After a slow start to 2022, demand for real estate in Thailand picked up significantly in April and never really slowed until December which is a historically slow month. Housing was the preferred property type as it accounted for 54.3 percent of all residential inquiries made via the Dot Property Group network of websites.

The monthly demand trends closely match Thailand’s annual property cycle. Things tend to be relatively quiet until after Songkran when developers start launching more projects and agents are able to add to their portfolios. The situation peaks around August or September when new launches slow and agents have fewer properties to offer home seekers.

Thailand residential demand 2022The Dot Property Group Thailand Real Estate Year in Review takes a look back at what happened in 2022 using data collected from our network of leading websites. We gathered information as it related to the sales market to gain a better understanding of demand for property throughout the Kingdom.

When we say demand, we are referring to inquiries made by a person through one of our sites. In our view, this captures a tangible act of interest which can be used to represent a form of demand.

These insights provide a glimpse into both where the situation has been and where it could be heading this year.

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