Property rental guides

Property rental guides

security deposit in Southeast Asia

4 things you MUST do to get your security deposit back in Thailand

The most nerve-racking aspect of moving out has to be getting the security deposit back. While some landlords are honest and forthright during the...
A coupe moving house, carrying a big stack of cardboard boxes.

Tips to make moving into your rented home a breeze

Moving can be a stressful time, with a lot of prior organisation and planning needed. To make your move effortless and to avoid any...

Renting property in Thailand

How do you rent property in Thailand?Not sure of the process to rent a property? Want to know how much your deposit is likely...
Confused woman reading a book with question marks coming out from

Questions to ask your landlord

Renting a property in Thailand is a fairly standard procedure but every property and building is different, and landlord's personal preferences also need to...

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