Questions to ask your landlord

Renting a property in Thailand is a fairly standard procedure but every property and building is different, and landlord’s personal preferences also need to be considered. Before signing your tenancy agreement, it is advisable to check with your landlord on the following points so that you can be sure of your responsibilities as a tenant, and so that you do not encounter any unexpected costs.

1. What is included?
Are any facilities or utilities included in your rent? It is common for water and waste removal to be inclusive, but electricity, internet and TV to be exclusive. Likewise, should your rent include cable or satellite TV, check if any English language channels are included in the package.

2. Electricity rates
Confirm the electricity unit rate as most condominium landlords charge above the government rates, so check their tariff against the local price in order to budget accordingly.

3. Greenery  
If the property has a garden or plants on a balcony, establish who is responsible for the care of these.

4. Unwanted visitors
Pest control is an essential part of regular maintenance in Thailand both inside the property and in the garden. Termites can cause irreversible damage so check with your landlord whose duty it is to ensure that your home is pest free.

5. Drinking water 
It is not advisable to drink water straight from the taps in Thailand, so check with your landlord the option of getting filtered bottled water delivered or using an under sink filter.  

6. Point of contact 
Get current contact details for your landlord or the managing agent of the property in the case of any emergencies or should you require essential repairs.

7. Taxes
Should the tenancy agreement be in the name of a company, check whether the agreement should be issued in one part or three to cover space rental, furniture rental and maintenance charges which is subject to VAT at seven percent and withholding taxes.