Dot Property Group releases the Chiang Mai Real Estate Snapshot

Chiang Mai Real Estate Snapshot

The Chiang Mai real estate market saw a notable increase in demand last year with inquiries made to the Dot Property Group network of websites peaking in the third quarter. While interest decreased in line with country-wide real estate trends to close 2023, the fourth quarter of 2022 and first quarter of 2023 saw a much better year-on-year performance.

The Dot Property Group Chiang Mai Real Estate Snapshot provides an overview of the current situation using data collected from our network of leading websites. We gathered information as it related to both the rental and sales market to get a better understanding of demand for property throughout the region. Click here to download your copy.

When we say demand, we are referring to inquiries made by a person through one of our sites. In our view, this captures a measurable act of interest which can be used to represent a form of demand.

In this report, we uncover what types of Chiang Mai real estate domestic and overseas buyers are looking for when it comes to sales and rentals. These insights allow us to understand the current market situation and gain a better understanding of what may take place over the coming months.

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