Rising High: Phuket’s Real Estate and Lifestyle in 2024 by Anchan Villas

Rising High: Phuket’s Real Estate and Lifestyle in 2024

Phuket Nowadays, It’s no secret that Phuket is one of the most beautiful corners of the earth. For many, Phuket is on their bucket list of dream places to visit. And almost everyone who visits wants to return frequently to bask in the sun and enjoy all Phuket offers.

With beautiful beaches, balmy weather, exotic culture, and plenty to see and do, Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in the world. So it’s no surprise the real estate industry is booming with stunning property developments that perfectly harmonize with this paradise island’s desirable surroundings.

Post-pandemic and amidst worldwide economic shifts, this sensual island is more popular than ever. Visitors can’t wait to get back to nature, great food, welcoming locals, rich culture, and, of course, that weather everyone loves. The work-from-anywhere trend is in harmony with the Phuket lifestyle, with many online and international business people having extended vacations and work time in Phuket or even relocating to the island.”

Phuket International Airport accommodates thriving numbers of tourists throughout the year. Then it’s easy to hop on a plane for work or pleasure trips to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, America, or other destinations in the world.

For new residents wanting to relocate to Phuket, there is plenty of entertainment including golf courses, water sports, cultural activities, attractions, and shopping malls. World-class hospitals and top-notch medical care are reassuring for everyone including families and retirees. The standard of education in Phuket is excellent, with dozens of international schools from kindergarten to year 12.

As the island expands, there is still plenty of land and room for advancement in infrastructure, technology, and facilities.

Sustainable growth is not only possible but inevitable. The island is currently thriving as more people discover how hospitable and welcoming the expat and Thai local community are together.

Prechapol Sae-Tiw
Founder & Managing Director of Anchan Villas
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