Condo is More Worthy Than Being Just a Storage Space

    When talking about renting storage space, people might question why we should spend money for keeping items. One of the reasons is that you do not have enough space, but if there is any other reason for storing your belongings outside your house?

    When condominium industry has increased, BTS and MRT lines have affected the real estate development in Bangkok. As a result, the land price has increased continuously, especially in the inner Bangkok area. The landlord may set up the price high, but buyers also agree to pay that amount. This leads to the higher land rate. However, some people believe that owning property is an investment and it leads to more convenient life. But is it worth if you have to use some of the space to store your items without using the most out of it? This is the reason why people use self storage as they see the importance of their space that it is more worthy than being just a storage space.

    Using the storage space outside your house is the easiest and most convenient way to store your items. With i-Store service, we understand customer’s behavior. We offer 2 types of service based on their characteristics. The first one is i-Store Self Storage offers premium self storage service with various sizes. The locations are located near many condos and customers can access 24 hours. Currently, we operate 6 branches: Silom, Sukhumvit 24, Sukhumvit 71, Sathorn One, Hua Lamphong, and Udomsuk. You can find the nearest location at The other service is i-StoreGo Door to Door Storage, coming with an online platform. Customer can choose to store from 1 item or more, after that, customers can schedule with i-StoreGo staff through This option is convenient for customers who do not wish to access the facility. This service also includes disassembling and reassembling furniture, packing, and moving to i-StoreGo storage space.

    With i-Store services, we are not only the solution for people who would like to store items that rarely used or sentimental value items, but we also solve problems for people who need more space and maximize their living area to suit with their lifestyle. This would make the most value out of what you have spent.