Do you know that 6 reasons for storing is more than just the problem of “Limited Space”

It is understandable that customers who use self storage have the main problems of not having enough space for keeping their belongings. But what is more than the problem of limited space that makes people store their belongings outside their house. We would like to give examples of 6-D reasons why self storage is important for many people. i-Store Self Storage has launched a campaign “Store for the Better Life” to tell why i-Store has elevated everyone’s daily life.

1st Reason is downsizing. When moving from bigger living area to smaller ones with any reasons, such as convenience when travelling, or an increase of housing price. However, important items still need to be kept. Customers have to compare the value of the living space.

2nd Reason is decluttering. Organizing house, condo, or office has become long-term problem. Even if you have decluttered your space, it does not mean you have more space when you do not get rid of the items or find a place to store them. Recently, the trend of organizing living space means welcoming good things in life has attracted more customers to pay attention more on decluttering their space.

3rd Reason is Destination. Having self storage unit for keeping the items securely is a must, when one needs to relocate to other places, and the place is not ready to store anything, whether to study or work aboard, or generate income from the house or condo.

4th Reason is Divorce. Divorce is one of the reasons that customers store their items, which can lead to other storage reasons. Some may need self storage because of downsizing, while some may need it because of relocating. This is how people use self storage to solve their problems. They may need a private place to store items when they do not want others to find out about the personal problems they are facing.

5th Reason is Death. Sad story that no one wants to happen. However, in the end, it comes to moving on while good memory is still with the items of those who passed away. Self storage can help you store these good memories with you.

6th Reason is Disaster. Even if Thailand does not have severe natural disaster, they are still unpredictable as we live in the place where natural disaster can occur. Finding a place to store valuable items before any disaster occurs would be an ideal for those who need to keep their items secure.

Even though some of 6-D reasons are something that no one wants them to happen. Some transition in your life may be unavoidable. Self storage is the service that helps you with all these transitions in your life as stated in i-Store Self Storage slogan #storeforthebetterlife. Customer can choose i-Store Self Storage service in any branches in Bangkok area at