How to make someone fall head over heels for your property

Spend time making sure that you are not the only person to be in love with your property.

As Valentines Day draws closer many of us will be trying to woo a loved one, but how do you woo someone into buying or renting your home? As property tends to form many people’s investment portfolios, it is vital to try and make as much money out of it is as possible. So how do you make someone fall head over heels in love property so that they are champing at the bit to snap it up?

1. First impressions really do count. 

Everyone makes an effort with a loved one on a first date. Smarten up, choose the perfect venue and have impeccable timekeeping. The same applies to your property as unfortunately it is easy to judge a book by its cover. If there is a pile of rubbish outside of the front door, make sure that it is removed so as not to deter prospective purchasers or renters from stepping any further. Make sure the property is clean, tidy and everything is in working order for the viewing, and don’t be late to let them in.

2. Set the lighting.

Dining over a candlelit table is the height of romance. Not too bright and not too dark. The same goes for your property. Firstly make sure that the lighting is perfect for photographs to show the property at its best, and then make sure it is right for viewings. Don’t leave the curtains drawn so that prospective purchasers are plunged into darkness, but pull the voiles if the sun is too bright. Opt for warm white light bulbs to create a softer feel in the main rooms especially the bedrooms, and then bright light in the kitchen where good lighting is needed to prepare food. If the viewing is in the evening, then consider using freestanding lights rather than spots overhead to create a more inviting space. 

3. Dress to impress.

Roses are reds, violets are blue, put some fresh flowers in your pad, to make it alluring like you! Remember to dress your property as home to enable people to easily imagine living there. It is a fine line to achieve this as you do not want to make people feel like they are camping out in someone else’s home. So remove any family photos and tidy away personal belongings, but add accessories such as cushions and throws to create a hotel like feel.

4. Share the love. 

If you are there for the viewing, be helpful but give people a proper chance to look round and poke through your cupboards without feeling watched. Don’t over sale as this can put people off, but run through the reasons you love it that may not seem obvious. This could the low utility bills it experiences, the thick sound proofing walls or simply the convenience to the closest supermarket. 

5. Don’t be greedy.

It is unlikely that you would scrimp on taking your new love interest out on the first date. The price of a property is often the the bottom line for many people so make sure the price is right. Get feedback from real estate agents and check out the competition on to make sure you aren’t being greedy to generate interest from the outset.