7 tips for photographing properties

Make sure your client’s property is picture perfect for photos with these simple solutions. 

We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but it is easy to do so. The same applies for properties, one negative impression can quickly deter a prospective renter or purchaser. As a good agent it is your job to advise your client on how best to present their property for viewings, but more importantly before this, for marketing.

The image needs to grab that enquiry to make them want to view immediately. Social media platforms such as Instagram are used regularly to market properties so good photography is imperative. Follow this quick and easy steps to make sure that you are marketing your client’s properties in the best possible light.

1. Take a step back.

Have a good look at the property. Is there anything in the room which may not photograph well? If there is a bright orange throw covering the sofa, it is likely that this will become the focal point of the image drawing your eye to this rather than the room itself. Remove anything that may stand out and detract from the room’s other features.

2. Remove personal belongings.

Declutter and where possible remove personal belongings so that your lead can imagine living there. Too much ‘stuff’ will make a room look overcrowded and small, and personal photos may put some people off. Clear as much as possible to create a blank but inviting canvas. 

3. Tidy and straighten.

Make up the beds, smooth out the duvet, line up the cushion, tie back the window dressings and even put the toilet seat down. These take minutes but give a great overall finish. Think of the property as a hotel room. You wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel where the bed wasn’t made or if it was in a mess, so why should it be any different when you are looking to rent or buy a property.

4. Consider your lighting.

How the property is lit, either by natural or artificial light, will influence how the photo will look. If the room is bright by the sun blazing in don’t just take a photo of the room with the curtains closed. Turn your back on the light and take the photo into the room. Likewise often bathrooms lack natural light so turn on the lights before you start to shoot.

5. Use proper equipment.

A proper camera rather a smart phone makes a real difference, as does a wide angled lens. If you cannot enlist the help of a professional photographer then invest in some good quality photography equipment instead and take time to get to grips with the features of it first.

6. Test.

Take some test photos and study them closely to see if there is anything that is not making the property look its best. You may not notice until the photo is taken that the cushions are crooked or even worse your reflection is shown.

7. Carefully select images.

Try and take as many images as you can and choose the best image as the leading image to tempt your lead in. But remember people get bored quickly and no one wants to trawl through 50 images, so pick the best ones and if you aren’t happy with one don’t use it. 

Follow these steps for photographing properties and to make sure your listings stand out from the crowd to start generating you leads.