How Instagram can boost interest in your property

We live in a world of technology and so we connect through social media platforms, thus conversation isn’t only face-to-face anymore. Real estate agents can still showcase their properties by physically walking through an open house with a prospective client, but now can utilise property portal websites and also share properties on social platforms – this is where Instagram becomes an agent’s best friend.

Why use Instagram?

Instagram relates to the inner-human psyche because it’s built upon what stimulates our senses. Instagram allows users to share and view beautiful images and videos, which is a popular form of social media for a demographic aged 20 to 35 years of age – millennials and first time home buyers.

Creating an Instagram account

When building an account profile on Instagram, make sure to insert your company’s contact details along with a link to your website for your viewers and followers to click as URLs do not hyperlink in individual photo posts. This will help generate traffic to your company website.

When it comes time to creating unique posts to engage viewers in your content, you will need the following elements:

  • Beautiful, eye-catching photos. Focus on one area of a property, such as a zoomed-in snap of a kitchen’s new backsplash against the marble worktops.
  • Short 15 second videos. This is a great opportunity to offer a glimpse of the city view showcased from the 30th storey of a new condominium project or the large walk-in wardrobe attached to the master bedroom.
  • Add a location to your post. By adding a location to your picture of video media post, you are demonstrating your expertise in the property industry and showcasing the neighbourhood.
  • Hashtags are your friends. Utilising #Hashtags with your photo content allows your public profile to be found by all other Instagram users. Be sure to make the hashtags relevant to your picture or video post. Try using the city name, room features, development and neighbourhood as hashtag inspirations. #Noble #BeautifulView #Condo #Nana #Bangkok

If you still feel unsure where to start, try searching Instagram for some of the top real estate agencies or developers and view their profiles for further inspiration.