How to transform your living room with accessories

Six different ways to change the look of our living room with these simple accessories. 

Accessories completely change the look of a living room if you feel it is past its sell by date but you are not ready for a complete revamp. Creating a feature wall is one option, alternatively get brainstorming and shopping for some accessories to do the job for you. The beauty of accessories is that you can take them with you when you move whether you buy a new property or rent one!

1. Add cushions and throws.

Replacing a sofa can be a costly exercise. So jazz up your sofa with new cushions and/or a throw. Pick bright colours to lift the room, mustard yellow and emerald green are very much on trend at the moment. Or select monochrome patterns and styles if your living room already has colour and you are not ready to dare to clash. If you are feeling braver pick chintz and ornate patterns that are particularly good fun. Be bold and mix them as sometimes less isn’t always more.  

2. Throw down a rug.

The preference for flooring is generally wood, which is easy to clean but not very comfortable under foot. A rug brings colour and style to a room and a soft cushioning after a hard day. Measure out the space you have and find a rug to fit. Too small and it will look like a doormat and too big and it will swamp your room. Rugs don’t always have to sit square in the centre of the room, you can place one end under the sofa with two of your sofa legs resting on it. Remember a rug is a big statement to instantly change the look and feel of your room so take time to consider your options.

3. Hang artwork.

Pictures on the wall can be very personal. So pick artwork to suit your personality or something that may hold sentimental significance. Choose one piece or lots of smaller items to create a collage.

4. Change the window dressings.

Dress your windows for aesthetic value but for funtionality too. If you want privacy, white plantation shutters provide this but also create a very modern feel. If you want to keep the sun out then consider a voile, rather than an old school net curtain. A set of curtains will bring colour and pattern into the room to create the room’s personality. Or maybe you detest the 1970s style curtains you have at present and it is time to replace with some roller or roman blinds in a contemporary grey.

5. Alter the lighting.

Simply change a lamp shade to create a new focal point in the room. Shades come in various styles and sizes, as bulbs now do too. Opt for a bulb with a fun electric filament and let that become the feature of the light rather than the shade.

6. Go green.

You don’t need an outdoors area to add plants and you don’t need to create a jungle at home, but adding plants or even a terrarium will change the environment of the room. Remember to consider the conditions that you live in and select greenery that will work. If you work away a lot you will not want a plant that needs a lot of care and attention, or if your living room is quite dark, a plant that needs a lot of sunlight.