How to create a feature wall

There are a number of ways to create a feature wall in your own home.

If your home is looking a bit bland and you have a vast wall space that could benefit from some texture and colour, then consider creating a feature wall. Personalise it your taste, or show of some of your belongings, creating a feature needn’t be hard but can bring your home inline with the latest interior trends.

1. Display photos or mirrors. 

Are you lacking shelf space to display your latest snaps? Or do you have some small pieces of framed artwork? If so, why not display them all in an organised fashion on the wall. In either a straight line or next to and on top of each other. Use the same style of frame style for a uniform look or you are feeling even more daring why not select different styles of small mirrors and display these on the wall instead. Whatever you decide to choose it is important to make sure that you spend time accurately measuring out where each one should go. Even if you are going for a hap hazard style, it needs to be spot on to look neat.

2. Paint.

Either paint the wall in a different colour, wallpaper it or paint it in blackboard paint for your children to get artistic with. Opt for a bold colour to really draw attention to the wall or pick a wallpaper with a colour in the pattern the same as the other walls in the room to tie the walls nicely together. The beauty of a feature wall is that once it is painted or wallpapered there really is no need to add anything else.

3. Show off your books.

If you have a number of books that you would like to display, use either a bookshelf or shelves to place them on. Group them together the spines of each book in the same colours to create a real impact. Go one step further and graduate the colours depending on their tones to create your own piece of art on your feature wall.

4. Lighting.

Wall lights come in many styles and finishes. You can either pick some for their aesthetic value, or pick ones that project light onto the wall in a particularly pattern such as a Moroccan light which forms a stained glass type of effect. Or if you want to simply highlight the display you have on your feature wall, pick out some spots to shine in the direction of your feature wall. 

5. Wall graphics.

Place a graphic of any design on the wall. There are hundreds of designs to choose from to suit all tastes. A map of the world or an underwater scene appropriate for a child’s bedroom. Some wall stickers are even reusable meaning you can take your feature wall with you when you move.

6. Exposed bricks.

Warehouses apartments are loved for their features including exposed brick walls. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with beautiful brickwork then expose it. The brickwork doesn’t need to be in immaculate condition as any irregularities will add to the charm of the room.