Resemble a five-star hotel at home

Sleep like a log by making sure your bedroom has the same air as a five-star hotel. 

There are so many reasons people like staying in a hotel. A chance to get away, ring up for room service and a good night’s sleep. However there is no reason why your bedroom should not look and feel like that of a five-star hotel by following these simple steps.

1. Create an oasis of calm.

Typically you may sleep better whilst staying in a hotel. This could simply be because you are not thinking about all the things you need to do the next day at work or it could easily be the atmosphere it provides. Taking electrical items out of a room will make a real difference and declutter. Just think, a room is for sleeping.

2. Fit suitable window dressings.

Do you get woken in the morning by the light pouring in or kept up at night by the street lights? If so then consider getting black out curtains or blinds. The room will plunge into darkness and be one way to force you to sleep.

3. Invest in your bed.

Did you know that we spend a third of our life asleep? It is worth investing in a top quality mattress and bed linen to match. Create a comfy bed to sink into and you will immediately feel like you are in a five-star hotel.

4. Dress the floor.

Put a soft rug in your room to soften the space and for the comfort of your feet. Place it just by your bed with a pair of slippers for that even more luxe feel.

5. Tweak your lights.

You’ll probably spend a fair amount of time in a hotel reaching for the labyrinth of light switches. It needn’t be this complicated but if you have spotlights overhead, change the bulbs for a soft rather than bright white to reduce the glare, and get some nightlights for your bedside tables so you don’t get bright lights in your eyes.

6. Add some smells.

Hotels always smell nice and this is an easy one to achieve at home. Pick a scented candle or diffuser and let it do all the hard work for you.