Utopia Development in Thailand

Gallery Zone Building B Premium Outlet Phuket, Ko Kaeo, Mueang Phuket, Phuket
Utopia Development

UTOPIA was established in Phuket, Thailand, at the beginning of 2016 for Property Development purposes. It is a branch from International Property Advisory Group (IPA), a Melbourne-based real estate development and operations group with a strong foundation and extensive experience within its field.In recent years there has been an influx of international tourists to Phuket, and the Government has invested in this growth by building a new international airport, highway tunnels, a light rail system and various other improvements to the overall infrastructure of the island to ensure it could support the demands of a top tourist destination, and to meet international standards in living. IPA saw this as a wonderful opportunity to invest in the future of people who wish to make this beautiful island a home away from home. IPA initially only provided a channel for its clients to purchase property on the island but being recognized as a powerful force behind the property boom in Phuket, connected with the local government, who gave their support to start projects with the help of local partners and business within the industry. UTOPIA attained six projects on the island and, utilizing their extensive knowledge on Australian design and construction, injected a sum close to 2 billion Thai Baht into the development of the properties. With the unconditional backing of IPA, UTOPIA is committed in its efforts to provide a complete service to its clients within the real estate market, including high-end real estate development, construction and hotel management. Our ultimate goal is to create a unique community in Phuket, with future plans to develop no less than ten luxury beach side resorts, and with our six projects underway, to create a network of world-class properties. Our aim is to create our own ecosystem of transport on the island, through shuttle buses and working with the local taxi services, providing ease of mind for long term residency. The government body in Phuket has recognized our work in improving Phuket and accelerating its growth and we have also provided them advice on various large-scale infrastructure projects and facilities in Phuket, such as tourism, health and public transport. We are not only trying to provide our clients with an opportunity to reside in Phuket, but also helping in the construction of a sanctuary for all its future residents.

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