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Watcharin Group (Pattaya) Co,. Ltd

Watcharin Group (Pattaya) Co,. Ltd

established in 2008, a small step leading to the real estate business in Pattaya.

Begin with the location, we ’locals‘ know and are familiar with every inch of the land here hence we pick the location where it suits with a peaceful lifestyle while still keeping that sense of a modern city environment as well as the convenience of transportation. Under the care of a professional real estate administrator and a team with innovative design expertise, every step is crucial; from selecting standardized material to making sure that all is worth the price. Nonetheless, both exterior and interior home designs and its function are aimed to utterly meet everyone’s satisfaction. Most importantly, we believe that “a house should be more than living space” hence we’ve created a pleasant and uncongested atmosphere as well as providing fundamental structure and facility fitting all family lifestyle. With this determination of ours, we’ve always received positive feedback from our customers.

Today, we are able to proudly continue our journey in tune with the city development under the concept ‘The Living Pride’ as we enhance lives from the very first day of joining family.

Line ID : 085 228 2228

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