UK property appeals to Thailand real estate agents

London Heights International, in conjunction with Dot Property, held a successful agent seminar in Bangkok. Thailand real estate agents were able to learn more about the property markets in Birmingham and Blackpool. London Heights International also showcased their range of outstanding residential and commercial developments during the seminar.

The company is among the first to open a Bangkok office with a sales gallery and it takes pride in understanding the needs of Thailand-based real estate agents. The event provided London Heights International with a unique platform to speak with agents directly and help educate them on these exciting real estate markets.  They continue to offer free training in their office to all agents who would love to learn more about current investment opportunities in the UK property market.

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More property buyers in Thailand are investing in UK real estate due to a number of positive factors, with the primary reason being ‘Diversification’. Also, the weakening of the British pound due to Brexit is making both real estate and educational opportunities more affordable in all the major cities. Many investors prefer to work with an agent/developer based domestically who offer them a higher level of service and security to their investments. 

“We’ve been selling UK properties in Thailand for many years now. Before, the developer, Trivelles International, would fly in from the UK and conduct a two-day investor exhibition with one exclusive agent and then leave. Today, even if a developer tried to conduct an agent seminar on their own by way of direct marketing, it would in no way guarantee such a high footfall of agents in one session the way Dot Property did,” Nooman Khan, Global Head & Sales and Marketing at London Heights International, states.

He continues, “For a British company that has newly set up office in Bangkok, this agent seminar has introduced us to quite a few people within the industry, in such a short time.”

Dot Property helped organise the seminar and tapped into its deep network of agents who were excited to hear more about this exclusive opportunity. London Heights International conducted a full presentation while also being able to meet with interested agents individually.

“It was very rewarding to see so many agents in Thailand keen to learn about London Heights International and their newest project launches in Birmingham and Blackpool,” Jade Chan, Business Development Manager, International Markets at Dot Property, said. “We are very much looking forward to assisting international developers in growing a reputable agent network in Thailand through events like these.”