Phuket villa rentals: 3 things to look for when selecting a holiday property

Phuket villa rentals
Himmapana Villas, winner of Best Architectural Villa Design Phuket at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2017, offers full-service rental stays

There are a lot of amazing Phuket villa rentals currently listed on Thailand Property. What many people don’t realise is how difficult finding the perfect one can be. Much like searching for a home, the options available can be overwhelming.

And while we try to make searching Phuket villa rentals easy, you can make the process even simpler by doing a little homework. Here are a few things to consider when searching for the ideal villa rental in Phuket.

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3 things to look for when searching for Phuket villa rentals

1) Location

Phuket villa rents
The view from a villa in Patong currently listed on Thailand Property

To beach or not to beach, that is the question. Of all the Phuket villa rentals out there, beach units are always the most in demand. And this means they are also the most expensive. It’s possible to get more bang for your buck further away from the beach. Let’s take a quick look at two impressive Phuket villas for rent that highlight the difference.

This two-bedroom villa overlooking Patong Beach fetches THB 250,000  (USD 7,700) per month during high season. For the same price, you could also rent a spacious, four-bedroom villa less than ten-minutes away from the white sands of Bang Tao Beach. Both are great depending on what you want.

And that is why you must prioritise just how important location is before searching through Phuket villa rentals.

2) Service

most interesting villas in Phuket
Picasso Villas in Phuket offer daily cleaning with cooking available along with unlimited facilities use

Not all Phuket villa rentals include service. Some, such as the picturesque Picasso Villas, have staff on hand to provide cleaning service and operate more like a hotel. Other rentals feature nothing more than the villa. Meanwhile, some properties offer service for an additional fee. This is a detail you will want to organise before arriving on your Phuket holiday.

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3) Agent

Who you rent the villa from matters just as much as the property itself. You’ll find no shortage of individuals claiming to represent various Phuket villa rentals, but in reality they’re simply a third party who will try to book a property on your behalf. We strongly advise using reputable, verified agents who have a track record of working in Phuket.

Phuket Hello is one such firm. The agency offers a selection of exclusive holiday villas and private homes for rent throughout Phuket. St James Property, named as one of Thailand’s Best Real Agencies 2018, is another company known for its outstanding work in Phuket.

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