Condo rentals in Bangkok: search tips to help you find the perfect unit

Condo rentals in Bangkok

Condo rentals in Bangkok are not as lawless or unregulated as they had been in the past. A slate of new tenant protection regulations went into effect on 1 May as part of changes to the Consumer Protection Act. Tenants now have the right to break a lease should they provide 30-days notice and have more protections regarding security deposits.

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However, there is more to know about condo rentals in Bangkok than the legal aspects. If you are looking to rent a unit in the Thai capital, it is important to understand the big picture. This will ensure you land that ideal condo.  

3 things you need to know about condo rentals in Bangkok

1) Older vs. newer

Condo units in older buildings tend to be much cheaper than those found in newer developments. In some cases, the rooms can also be noticeably larger. There is a trade off, however. The rooms and common areas usually have more wear and tear. The facilities in older buildings may be significantly less than those available in new developments.

This is something many property seekers don’t factor in when searching for a place to rent in Bangkok. It is impossible to say one is better than the other since it comes down to personal preferences.

2) Furnished, partially furnished and unfurnished

Condo rentals in Bangkok either come fully furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished. Fully furnished means you can move into the unit today without buy any necessities. Partially furnished units will usually have some basic pieces but will be lacking many essentials. There really is no firm definition of partially furnished. Some units have beds, couches and other larger items while others may only have items like a stovetop and table. It is a good idea to get a full list of furnishings from the landlord before agreeing to any deal.

We probably don’t need to tell you what unfurnished means as it’s pretty self-explanatory. However, this option doesn’t need to be a turnoff. It’s possible to rent furniture in Bangkok meaning you can decorate your rental condo without needing to buy a bunch of stuff.

3) Distance can deceive

Do you want to live close to a public transportation station? Be sure to check out the distance for yourself since seemingly all condo rentals in Bangkok claim to be only a short walk from the nearest BTS or MRT station.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But if this is important to you, don’t get fooled. If you aren’t in Bangkok, use Google Maps to see what the walking distance is. And remember, ten minutes may not seem bad now, but what about in ‘Hot Season’ when searing temperatures make spending time outside unbearable?   

A quick note, some condo buildings further away from public transportation offer shuttle service to the nearest station. Be sure to factor this into your search, especially if you’re trying to get the best value for your money. 

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