How to make the most of the rainy season

Make the most of living in the tropics come rain or shine with these ideas. 

For some the first raindrops that fall during the rainy season are a huge sigh of relief. A sign that we are nearing the end of the hot and humid climate. When it rains it usually pours. Backing up the traffic in Bangkok, making some roads impassable and generally it becomes harder to get around. But how can you make the most of the rainy season? Follow our quick guide to embrace this annual seasonal change.

1. Hold tight. 

Where possible you want to avoid travelling when it rains. The traffic often comes to a gridlock as everyone wants to travel by car to avoid getting wet. Where you can hold out for the rain to pass before you start your journey. Plan activities and errands around the rain. Take an extra long lunch or head out later for your shopping. Use public transport like the BTS or MRT which is rarely affected by adverse weather conditions. That way you will know how long it will take to get to your destination.

2. Pack accordingly.

If you are out and about when it rains the obvious thing not to forget is an umbrella. But even important, consider your footwear. The floor becomes slippery when it rains and even quite dirty. Something with a good grip and that will not get ruined by the rain will be ideal. And don’t forget to pack some mosquito repellent as this is the time that mozzies like to come out and play.

3. Embrace in some activities.

Just as we like to avoid being outside when its too hot, we also feel the same when it is too wet! For those living in Bangkok there are a ton of indoor activities to embrace in. The city is geared up with havens to escape the heat that can be doubled up as shelter from the rain. Cinema trips, shopping, rock climbing, brunches to name just a few. For more ideas visit our blog here.

4. Enjoy the cool air.

When the rain comes the temperature drops. Use this as a time to air your home provided that by opening the windows does not result in flooding your home. If you are a runner then choose to clock up some kilometres after the rain when the temperature is less aggressive. 

5. Get a view.

Being in the tropics the weather can be very dramatic in Thailand. Big storms are common during rainy season and can be exciting to watch. Black thunder clouds roll in over the city like Armageddon and some great light shows can put on by the lightening at night. Pull up a pew and watch as mother nature takes its course. 

6. Go on holiday.

Prices for flights and accommodation drop for the rainy season. It comes with the risk that you are unlikely to get endless sunshine but on the plus side the beaches will be less crowded. And you can stay in five-star accommodation at three-star prices. The countryside will also be more lush making for an even prettier backdrop.