Why expats like the rainy season

Thunderstorm View over Bangkok City Skyline in Thailand, Asia with Lightning and Street Traffic at Night in Sukhumvit Street.Thailand-Property.comRainy season in Thailand is just wrapping up now, and while many may be rejoicing for dry weather and day-long sunny skies, some expats are actually sad to see it go. The end of the rainy season marks the beginning of the high season, which is actually not the best season for people who live here and don’t base their income on tourism. The rainy season isn’t all bad at all actually, and here are just a few reasons why expats actually prefer it:

It’s Less Expensive

Hotel prices are all about supply and demand. Where there’s a little demand, hotels and even restaurants need to drop their prices to remain competitive. For expats who live in Thailand, taking weekend trips becomes an extremely inexpensive endeavor.

Less Crowded Beaches and Attractions

Beautiful beach with palms, Thailand

Thailand’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the entire world— and many who live here consider the best ones to be those that have not been touched by tourism; the ones where you can go to relax and not fight to get a spot in the sand. The thing about this though, is that the beaches which have been heavily hit by tourism are often the ones that have the most unique landscapes, or are extra special in some way or another. The low season allows expats to enjoy the best of both worlds, where they can see the most interesting beaches with fewer people than there would be in the high season.

More Authentic of an Experience

What is truly the biggest difference between tourists and expats is the authenticity of the country that the person experiences. Expats who are in Thailand for the long term naturally have more time to experience what life here is truly like. They know where and when to go places that will not be changed to accommodate throngs of foreigners and during the rainy season, they can roam free finding these situations because there are simply less tourists around in general.

Greener, More Beautiful

Pink frangipani in nature frame

Of course Thailand is a tropical place with lush vegetation at all times, so no matter when people visit Thailand they will see green wherever they go. However, nothing beats the spectacular shades of green that come alive and almost sparkle when the plant-life in Thailand is filled with fresh and frequent rain water.

For Expats, a Little Rain Isn’t the End of the World

Another luxury of being an expat in Thailand is that there’s less pressure on the weather when they take a holiday. If it rains the entire week that a tourist is in Thailand, it may very well ruin their entire trip. However, if an expat takes a week off and it rains, it might just turn the experience into something else that’s not necessarily bad, just different. If you’re prepared with an umbrella and the proper shoes, the rainy season can be kind of fun. A storm, which usually only lasts a half hour, may force you to take shelter in a random restaurant or bar or bring you to discover a cool new hideaway that you never would have found sitting in the sun on the beach.