Built to last beyond a lifetime

Issue 15 | Feature brought to you by Elegance Pattaya 

Traditionally accommodation in Thailand came in the form of single family homes. The rise of condominiums in Bangkok was a result of a combination of factors. The traffic in the city being one as many people chose to have a pied-à-terre in the city centre to save on commuting time during the week. The other factor was the escalating costs for the upkeep of houses and retaining staff to help with this, particularly as domestic staff were increasingly more scarce as factory work became more appealing.

Bangkok welcomed new condominiums across the city and this trend was emulated in other major cities across the Kingdom. In a response to demand some would argue that condominiums literally rose from the ground with little care and consideration to how they would stand the test of time. They satisfied current demand, but whether in the future they would be deemed a valuable investment asset would only be determined over time.

Elegance Pattaya in the prestigious Pratumnak Hill of Pattaya is one project that has been built to last beyond a lifetime. A result of its European style and the thought process that is behind its construction. Double and sometimes triple glazing is the norm across Europe. Installed to retain the heat in the colder months, the same concept works in Thailand but for the opposite climate, to retain the cool air from air conditioning. However, walk around many new condominiums and you will notice that they have single glazing even if the property is situated in a noisy location and could benefit from the sound insulation double glazing provides.

Features such as these go a long way in ensuring a property’s success and is exactly why Elegance Pattaya has been kitted out with a high specification throughout. “We understand the importance and value of good construction for a successful project, but also for the project’s longevity”, says Lubomir Jurik, manager at AML Developments Co. Ltd, the developers behind this reputable scheme. “After all we have our names on Elegance Pattaya so we want it to be the best on the market and for it work to many years to come. Which it will”.

Elegance Pattaya has already attracted a number of investors due to its generous sizes. The one bedroom units are 70 square metres – the same size of many two bedroom units in other projects. Likewise, the two bedroom units are either 105 or 120 square metres and three bedroom units are a staggering 190 square metres. Bigger units make for more comfortable living, but will also help capital appreciation and rental yields as Elegance Pattaya will set itself aside from the rest of the market competition.

Aside from the ample floor plates and double glazed windows, the walls are double for sound proofing, the doors are all fire doors (a standard specification in new developments in Europe), the ceilings are high, and every unit regardless of the size also has a storage cupboard. Big enough to store a set of golf clubs or your suitcases, many new projects cannot boast such simple luxuries.

Combine this with its enviable location 200 metres from the beach, a spacious balcony to enjoy the view and a high specification throughout, there is no question that Elegance Pattaya, much like AML Development’s other project Star Residences, will make for a good investment not only today, but for years to come. Situated in the Cosy Beach area of Pattaya, Star Residences will be built with exactly the same ethos as Elegance Pattaya. This 21-storey condominium will have incredible 270-degree sea views, and just like Elegance every unit will be spacious and built with exactly the same care and attention.

Residential projects such as these are future proof to meet changing living habits as people demand more space, but more than this, maybe Elegance Pattaya will shape the future of developments in Thailand to ensure that longevity is of paramount concern.