Why holiday in the rainy season?

Take advantage of the perks of holidaying in the rainy season! 

We may be nearing the end of the rainy season here in Thailand, however that is not to say that the rest of the region is hoping for drier weather too. Asia’s climate means that whilst some countries are enjoying sunnier spells without a drop of rains, others are at the receiving end of torrential downpours. Whilst the ‘cooler’ and certainly drier month of December brings in the hordes of tourists to Thailand, in Bali, this is one of the wetter times of the year. But there are perks to travelling in the rainy season and many living in the region opt to travel specifically at this time. But why?

1. Less crowds.

There has been an increase in domestic and regional holidaymakers within South East Asia however those coming from further afield dominate the tourist numbers. If you live in a country that is renowned for its bad weather, such as the UK and some parts of Europe, then saving up for an annual trip will likely mean that you will only want to travel in peak season when the weather is guaranteed sunshine. They are less likely to want to risk the tiniest prospect of rain meaning that peak season really is peak season. So if you would prefer to miss the crowds than travel in the off season, or even the shoulder months to enjoy a more peaceable escape.

2. Lower prices.

Naturally those in the tourist business want to make hay whilst the sun shines. Therefore prices are at their highest during peak season and lowest during rainy season. You may even find that some of Thailand’s islands completely close down. For the resorts that stay open this means lower prices for you to enjoy, a longer stay or even better still an extra holiday!

3. More luxury.

Due to these lower prices and fewer crowds there is greater chance for you to upgrade. Be able to afford a bigger room with a better view or a five-star resort with four-star prices. You will have bigger bargaining potential as many hotels will be keen for the business so use this to your advantage and reap the benefits of the rainy season.

4. Attractive scenery.

There is no denying that most places look better in the sunshine. However in rainy season the landscape and terrain will be more lush and enticing. If you are a keen hiker and want to get out into the jungle of Chiang Mai then the rainy season could offer you some of the best scenery. Rivers, waterfalls, and lakes will be in all their glory as they will be at their fullest. However you will want to avoid to getting stuck in a tropical downpour with unsafe conditions underfoot so it is wise to plan ahead and seek expert advice before setting out. And the sunsets after a downpour of rainy? Definitely worth getting soaked for!

5. More energy.

The cooler weather of the rainy season means that it will be easier to sight see. Whether this is checking out Temples, participating in a cycling tour or zipping around Bangkok’s exciting Chinatown. You will have more energy to enjoy your time away and are likely to be even more adventurous too.   

6. Short downpours.

It is unlikely that when it rains it does so all day. Due to the tropical climate the rain comes down thick and fast usually for an hour or so. So this does not mean that your whole day needs to be sheltering from rain. Check online to see the specifics of the country you are travelling to in order to get a better insight but rainy season does not necessarily mean that a holiday can be enjoyed any less.  

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