Tips to make your rented place feel like home

Don’t think of your rented home as a stopgap with these top tips. 

Some rented properties come with all the bells and whistles. Kitted out down to the bedding, accessories and towels. Should this not be the case then your new home may feel like a blank canvas. However, this is easy to rectify with our simple tips to make your new pad immediately feel like home. 

1. Invest in a rug.

Wooden and tiled floors are common in Thailand. Easy to clean and cool underfoot but it can make a space feel bare. A rug will be nice and soft for your feet and also be one way to really create a focal point for the space. This your chance to bring a splash of colour to the room and it can easily be rolled up and moved to your next home too.

2. Hang some artwork.

Artwork does not have to be expensive unless you are keen to pick up some originals that can make for a profitable investment. It is however very personal and can be used as a way to reflect your personality. Whether it is a keepsake from your recent travels or a piece from your favoured artists. Artwork comes in many forms to suit a variety of tastes but it is also worth paying for good framing to finish the look of. Alternatively invest in some mirrors for the same effect.

3. Add some soft furnishings.

Accessories are a quick way to brighten up any space. Cushions and throws make a sofa more inviting. And can even provide some warmth should your flatmate like to keep the air conditioning on. In fact the more cushions on a bed, the better. Pick velvet for an opulent look and you won’t need an excuse to head to bed early.

4. Go green.

Greenery are a great way to soften a space. Fresh flowers are even better but they made need replacing regularly so invest in a plant and do your bit to save the planet at the same time. If you have a balcony then check out our tips on how to make the most of this space

5. Add a scent.

Walk into any five-star hotel and you will be wafted with their signature scent. You can easily adopt this at home with a scented candle, a plug in air freshener or a diffuser. It will immediately make your new place feel like home.