Less than a two-hour drive away from Bangkok sits Khao Yai. The beautiful countryside filled with vineyards and lush greenery feels more like Napa Valley than Thailand and is one of the few places where you can actually get away from it all. And that’s just what those behind Pirom at Vineyard hope you’re able to do.

Every weekend, many of Bangkok’s urbanites retreat the city looking for a change of scenery. Some head eastward to the beaches of Pattaya and Rayong while others venture to the west where the charms of Hua Hin can be found. And those in the know head northeast where the tranquillity and splendour of Khao Yai awaits.

The region is enclosed in a forest that has remained unchanged for centuries. It is one of the country’s last remaining refuges of lakes and trees, flora and fauna, and undisturbed elements of water, sun and earth. The weather is also a treat with cool evenings and misty mornings providing visitors a respite from Bangkok’s unrelenting humidity and heat.

The rare weather patterns are also ideal for growing grapes which explains why Khao Yai is home to Thailand’s most prestigious wineries such as PB Valley Khao Yai Winery. One of the first wineries in all of Thailand, the fine wines of this estate have won several international awards.

Pirom at Vineyard 4Situated next to PB Valley Khao Yai Winery is Pirom at Vineyard, a hidden paradise of unspoiled land nestled in Khao Yai’s gorgeous hillside. Despite being less than two hours away from Bangkok, it feels like an entirely different world. The spacious development is spread out over 800 rai, half of which has been dedicated to common areas and gardens.

This allows nature to take centre stage. Landscape design, something not seen as a priority at most luxury developments, was emphasised at Pirom at Vineyard. Wannaporn Pui Phronprapha of P Landscape was entrusted to create a space that maintains the connection of land and architecture. The Harvard Graduate School of Design adroitly planned Pirom at Vineyard ensuring houses were spaced out to allow for privacy and undistributed views of nature.

Her masterful design was exactly what the Bhirombhakdi family, owner of the plot of land, had envisioned for it. The plot had been a treasured secret for generations due to its spectacular contours and vistas. However, Piya Bhirombhakdi believed it was a treasure that should be shared with others.

His vision was to create a community of like-minded households whose owners seek luxury that is optimally balanced with nature. Pirom at Vineyard offers 5-star service as well as facilities for picnics and outdoor activities. The end result is a luxurious getaway where people weary from the city can escape to and reconnect with nature.

Pirom at Vineyard 3Beautiful retreat

The house types available at Pirom at Vineyard are simply beautiful. Designed by respected architect Boonlert Hemvijitraphan, each home was built with natural materials to give them a rustic appeal. He utilised promenade architecture to create a contemporary living space with hints of luxury.

Each home was designed with the idea less is more in order to remove barriers and provide residents with a constant connection to nature. The homes are functional and accentuate the bond between nature, air, light and space. This allows everything to flow and feel alive.

Unit types at Pirom at Vineyard


Gross Floor Area: 893 square metres

Usable Floor Area: 495 square metres

Spacious without being imposing, the Valley home is the ideal family space. It offers privacy and a connection to nature that everyone regardless of age will enjoy. The Valley home has four bedrooms and six bathrooms along with five parking spaces. It is the largest unit type available at Pirom at Vineyard.


Gross Floor Area: 830 square metres

Usable Floor Area: 477 square metres

This four-bedroom, five-bathroom home has a awe inspiring courtyard space that is the perfect place to soak up the views for the surrounding nature. The home also contains living space for maids and five parking spaces.


Gross Floor Area: 689 square metres

Usable Floor Area: 380 square metres

Inspired by the design of a barn, this home type has a very charming appeal to it. The three-bedroom, four-bathroom home has been cleverly laid out to separate the common areas and sleeping spaces while incorporating the surrounding nature into the design.


Gross Floor Area: 597 square metres

Usable Floor Area: 289 square metres

The horizontal home type is practical and distinguished with a long hallway that offers some spectacular views. The home has three bedrooms and four bathrooms as well as two parking spaces.

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