To move or not to move

Follow our quick moving check list when looking for your dream home. 

As we draw to the end of 2016 we are likely to be plagued with thoughts of making a New Year’s resolution, or two. Health, fitness and careers often come at the top of these in addition to your home life. If you have been pondering about whether to move home, let us help guide you to make sure that this is one New Year’s resolution that you keep. 

1. Why the move?

Are you looking for more space? Less space? A better outlook? A newer bathroom? Or to be closer to work? First and foremost sit down and ascertain exactly why you want to move. Write a list of 10 reasons and the top three need to be at the forefront of your mind when looking for a new property.

2. Be realistic.

Before mentally packing your bags, take time to think whether a move is realistic. If you are looking for a place with more space, would a declutter in your current home and more storage resolve this issue? Could you upgrade the property to make it more as you wish? This applies for whether you rent or own where you live. Moving can be a costly exercise by the time you add up fees and removal firms, so be realistic before you go out a view.

3. Check the market out online.

The Internet is a great resource of information for any person looking to move. Spend time looking through Thailand Property to see what current values are and you may find that rents have increased, or even values have decreased. This will help you make up your mind as to whether a move will bring your more space or higher monthly outgoings.

4. Viewing suitable properties. 

When viewing suitable properties keep your top three reasons for moving at the forefront of your mind. Compromises are inevitable regardless of your budget, but if you are fed up with your daily commute but have been wowed by a property that has double height ceilings, a slick new interior and fancy roof top pool but it is just as far to work, will the daily slog to work still play on your mind? Refer constantly back to your moving check list to make sure that the move is right for you.