Go green at home

Make your new resolutions to go green at home to help the environment & your pocket.  

Sweden have recently been praised for their extensive recycling habits. Sending just one percent of their household waste to landfill, the country has to import rubbish from other countries in order to keep the country’s recycling plant operational. Whilst South East Asia’s green credentials have to come a long way in order to match that of Sweden, there have started to be movements to adopt this attitude. At home what can you do in order to boost your green credentials?

1. Alter the temperature of your air conditioning.

In a hot climate like that of Thailand it can be unavoidable to use the air conditioning. If you can then use a fan, alternatively increase the temperature or reduce the strength of your air conditioning. This will put less strain on your air conditioning and also maintain a more consistent temperature rather than fridge like conditions. Increase the temperature by a couple of degrees will save on energy, and use timers to switch your air conditioning off at night. Plus it will save on your electricity bill too.

2. Keep your home airtight.

Ill fitting windows or any other cracks in the building are ways for your cool air to leak out. Likewise keep doors shut between rooms and windows closed when the air conditioning is turned on to keep the cool air retained. Where possible, fit double or secondary glazing too.

3. Deter the heat from coming in.

If you home gets blazed by the sun each day, consider getting films fitted on your windows to stop the light pouring in and heating up your room. Window films have come a long and the good quality versions will only tint the outside of your windows and not alter the light when you look out from your home.

4. Fit solar panels.

If you live in a house then this is a very feasible option. Whilst the outlay for the purchase of the solar panels can be costly due to a lack of competition on the market and usage of solar panels in Thailand, more developers are considering these as part of their build and the market is responding well.

4. Avoid plastic bags.

Thailand has a love affair with plastic bags. Buy a coffee on the go and it comes in plastic bag. Buy some fruit on the street and they are most likely to put the fruit in a plastic bag and that plastic bag in another plastic bag. The supermarket also rarely fills your plastic bag to the top giving out even more bags. In some countries there is a charge to buy a plastic bag in the shop and whilst this is very unlikely to happen soon in Thailand, if at all, you can do your bit by resisting the bags and by taking your own bags instead.