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London property has long been a safe haven for international investors, enjoying significant investment from the Middle East, the US and of course, Southeast Asia. And investors have reaped the rewards – the UK’s Office of National Statistics reports that the average London house price was just over GBP 70,000 in 1988.  Today it is GBP 476,000 – a 580 percent increase over 30 years.

Rental demand is strong, with renting becoming the norm amongst Londoners – one third now live in private, rented accommodation and this is predicted to rise to 60 percent by 2025. Yet demand continues to outstrip supply and this shortage of homes provides a real opportunity for investors.

London is a global hub for finance, tourism, business and education. But it is a complex city, with rental demand varying between areas and multiple factors affecting local property values.

So expert, local knowledge is essential for successful investment.

Benham & Reeves
There will be an increase in demand for rental units in London.

You need to know where to invest and what type of property is most sought-after. You may believe Zone 1 is the best location but prohibitive property prices in traditional areas like Knightsbridge mean rental yields are low – around 2 percent.

Rental hotspots now are Zones 3 and 4 where purchase prices are lower, yet rental demand is high due to major regeneration schemes and new transport links. Nine Elms (home to the famous Battersea Power Station) and east London are well known, where typical yields are 3-5 percent.

So you need to do your homework, or work with property investment specialists who know London in depth.

Why us?

Benham and Reeves is a name synonymous with successful property sales and rental investment in London for over 60 years. With 17 branches (mainly located near or within popular property developments), we are one of central London’s oldest independent property rental/leasing companies, offering services from advice on where to buy for best long-term investment potential, handover and furnishings to finding tenants and full property management.

Last year, we let 3000 properties, worth GBP 1.75 billion, many to corporate tenants working for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Unlike most London leasing agencies, we have offices across Southeast Asia – in China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and in Malaysia – staffed by experienced, tri-lingual professionals. We also have dedicated China and Japan desks in London.

Our directors visit Southeast Asia regularly, updating clients on market news and giving talks to banks and financial organisations. We advise on where to invest, where rental demand is strongest and which areas are up-and-coming. We offer expert analysis of property trends, explain what it is happening to property values, the market’s long-term outlook and influences including new transport links and the impact of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Benham & ReevesWe will be in Bangkok from March 19th– 21st, holding one-to-one advice clinics and meetings with anyone interested in investment with no commitment needed – just a simple discussion on factors influencing the property market and how we might assist you with your investment plans.  If you would like to book a meeting, contact Lynne Geeves, on +65 6463 6026 or email For more information, go to