Investors from around the world continue to consider Phuket for their next real estate purchase. The idea of owning a holiday home that doubles as an income producing property is appealing to just about everyone. Award-winning developer Blue Horizon is hoping to make buying property in Phuket easier, especially for Chinese-speaking buyers.

The company has enlisted Chen-Ni (Jenny) Wang to assist clients from mainland China and other Chinese speaking countries in their search for the ideal investment property. She has lived in Southeast Asia for more than ten years, spending the past three in Thailand. Originally based in Bangkok, like many others she opted to leave the city behind and enjoy the amazing island lifestyle Phuket provides.

This provides Jenny with a unique perspective that she can share with clients. She prefers to get to know clients first in order to obtain a full understanding of their requirements and budgets. Then she utilises her extensive knowledge of Phuket to find the perfect property.

Blue Horizon property Phuket
Chen-Ni (Jenny) Wang assists Blue Horizon clients from China

“I always like to work closely with my clients to understand why they are looking to invest or relocate to Phuket so I can provide them with the best property to service their specific personal requirements. I like to show potential investors a few different developments, explaining the pros and cons of each, in order to find the perfect fit for the individual’s needs,” Jenny explains. “To live in Phuket and invest in Phuket usually involve totally different needs. I like to understand the client and their lifestyle before making my recommendations.” 

She is also aware of the difficulties facing Chinese buyers when it comes to getting capital out of the country. Chinese nationals can only take USD 50,000 out of the country annually at the moment. This can make buying property overseas difficult. In Phuket, buying a unit off-plan is a viable alternative.

“Off-plan purchases are obviously very important for the Chinese market, and those looking to invest in Phuket, with payment options spread across 2-3 years a welcome plan for those looking to work within the confines of the monetary transfer restrictions currently in place for Chinese nationals,” Jenny states. “Off-plan units in Thailand are very appealing to investors since they can spread out the payment.”

Why Blue Horizon?

Chinese buyers are drawn to Phuket for the strong return on investment and lifestyle opportunities available
Chinese buyers are drawn to Phuket for the strong return on investment and lifestyle opportunities available

It can be difficult for international investors to find the right developer and project with so many to choose from in Phuket. With a portfolio of awards and a long list of international clients, Blue Horizon understands what global investors are looking for.

“Blue Horizon only selects the very best locations. Places where the beautiful blue skies meet the turquoise seas. Their approach to design is very unique in Phuket,” Jenny points out. “Our latest development in Phuket, Heavena, is the very epitome of our unmatched approach to design. The natural environment has been incorporated into every element of the development including skywalks, waterfalls, movies under the stars and natural viewpoints with stunning sea views from both beachside and mountainside units.”

Jenny explains that it’s not just about ‘location, location, location’ in Phuket. It’s extremely important for clients to understand who the developer is, the construction company used and who will manage your property once it has been built and therefore help protect your investment. These are three areas Blue Horizon excels in.

“Blue Horizon has a very long history working with Phuket’s leading construction and building companies and together with my clients, I work to develop strategies and tactics that will deliver positive results across all market environments on the island,” Jenny says.

She continues, “Blue Horizon is currently working on six projects here in Phuket, with more planned. All of the projects provide a guaranteed return over five years and operate under a 5-star hotel level management ensuring the maintenance of quality, higher returns and better resale prices. We can confidently list ourselves amongst the very highest quality developers here in Phuket.”

Blue Horizon has won several awards during the past few years highlighting the firm’s expertise and abilities. Honours include: 

Best Developer Phuket Dot Property Thailand Awards 2017

Best Mixed-Use Development – Dot Property Thailand Awards 2017

Best Mid-Range Development – Dot Property Thailand Awards 2017

New Hotel Construction and Design – Asia-Pacific Property Awards

Mixed Use Development – Asia-Pacific Property Awards

Best Developer Phuket Dot Property Southeast Asia’s Best of the Best Awards 2017

Best Villas Best of the Best Residences in Southeast Asia 2016

Find your slice of paradise with Blue Horizon 

With some amazing projects backed by guaranteed rental returns, Blue Horizon is a name you can trust when it comes to Phuket property. If you would like to know more about investing in one of their outstanding developments, including Heavena, please visit: