LeadingRE balances local and global strategy with newest program

LeadingRE announces IPM Program

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) boasts 565 member firms in more than 70 countries. The firm remains committed to its vision of being a worldwide company that operates locally as it continues to expand. Its slogan, ‘We’re Local, we’re Global’ can be seen in one of the company’s newest efforts, the International Property Marketing (IPM) Program.

“The IPM Program unleashes the full potential of our extensive global real estate network and allows our affiliated member companies to market developments they represent in other key territories they may not have had access to otherwise,” LeadingRE APAC business development director Parikshat Chawla explains. “Members also appreciate the consultative involvement of our team in helping them strategise their marketing plans and going beyond a regular introduction.”

Plans for the IPM Program are being finalised and LeadingRE expects to roll it out to most of its member real estate agencies later this year. At the moment, select Asia-Pacific members of LeadingRE are participating in a series of pilot projects.

“Feedback from members has been extremely positive. Our affiliated member companies from Malaysia, Rahim & Co International, and Singapore, One Global Property Services, have already started working together on a few developments such as Stadia Three, an all-new housing project in the UK,” Chawla notes.

He continues, “We expect some of our other affiliates in the APAC region, especially from China, Thailand and Japan, to join in later this year. Some developers have also expressed interest in being able to leverage the IPM Program to help sell their developments globally, and we are currently in discussions with a few select companies.”

LeadingRE looks to the future with IPM Program

LeadingRE APAC Business Development Director Parikshat Chawla
LeadingRE APAC Business Development Director Parikshat Chawla

Looking to the future, LeadingRE will use the rest of 2018 to ensure the IPM Program works well and effectively provides members with a valuable service that extends their international reach.

“The long-term goal is to roll this out globally and enable developments across the world to be marketed using our ecosystem,” Chris Dietz, head of Global Operations for LeadingRE explains.

For LeadingRE, the IPM Program represents an evolution in the wide array of services the company offers to its network. The firm is always exploring opportunities for its members and continues to ramp up efforts in Southeast Asia. This provides the global network of the finest independent (not franchised), locally- and regionally-branded real estate firms with access to tools and innovation that may otherwise be difficult to obtain.

“We always value feedback from our member agencies, and we will continue developing new programs like this to benefit their businesses. LeadingRE’s goal as a B2B network is to continuously explore and provide new business opportunities for our 565 member firms, now in over 70 countries,” Dietz concludes.