Leading homebuilders lobby banks to lower interest rates on energy-saving homes

solar roofs energy-saving homes
Homebuilders in Thailand want to see more financing options for energy-saving homes

A pair of leading Thai developers have called on mortgage lenders to lower interest rates on energy-saving homes. Sansiri and Sena Development believe this move would encourage homebuyers to purchase greener residences which remain more expensive than regular housing for the most part.

“Climate change is one of the key challenges everyone around the world is facing. Energy-saving homes are not only about the environmental but also economic issues as Thailand has to import energy,” Sena Development Managing Director Khun Kessara Thanyalakpark told the Bangkok Post.

She noted that the cost of a home with solar panels installed on the roof is 10-15 percent higher than a property without these. By lowering interest rates on energy-saving homes, buyers wouldn’t be burdened by the increased pricing.

“One of the best helpers to promote solar-powered homes is the banks,” Khun Kessara explained. “Currently, banks offer a mortgage loan with an interest rate one percent lower for those buying houses installed with solar panels on the roof.”

Elsewhere, Sansiri has said it wants to team up with banks to introduce solar mortgage loans for existing customers in a bid to promote clean energy in the residential sector.

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Homebuilders in Thailand embrace energy-saving homes

Developers in Thailand are embracing a number of green features, including solar roofs and electric vehicle charging stations, as they look to keep up with changing consumer preferences. Smaller, boutique homebuilders had been ahead of the curve when it came to in-home sustainability, but several large firms are now getting in on the act.

For example, Property Perfect announced plans to install solar roofs on 30,000 units it has under construction while electric vehicle charging stations will be placed at a further 50,000 homes. The developer has been extremely active in the detached housing segment during the past four years and intends to launch 15 new projects in 2022

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