Just waiting to be discovered

Issue 11 | Feature brought to you by Grand Blue Rayong

Mae Phim, one of Thailand most-idyllic locations.

As one of the fastest-growing beach destinations in Thailand, and a mere two hours from Bangkok and just one-hour from Pattaya, it’s surprising that more property buyers and investors have yet to discover the delights of Mae Phim.

Every year, what has to be one of the nicest beaches on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, has seen between a 25 to 30 percent increase in visitors. On the back of this, Mae Phim has seen a steady increase in the number of services to accommodate these extra numbers, including more restaurants and hotels.

Grand Blue Rayong is one development that is already reaping rewards for the increasing interest. Due for completion later this year, the condominium is closing in on 60 percent sales, with its large pol, restaurant and bar already completed and open to the public.

Described recently as “an idyllic part of the Thai landscape”, Mae Phim is really waiting to be discovered by foreign property buyers and investors.

It’s a location you have to know; it’s not somewhere you can merely stumble across by accident, and that’s what adds to its isolationism charm. If you want the Eastern Seaboard but without all the excess that somewhere like Pattaya is famous for, then Mae Phim and Grand Blue Rayong my be what you are searching for.

Pasi Markamaki, Marketing Director for developers Silversea House, is one of Mae Phim’s greatest fans, saying that in most cases his job involves educating potential buyers about the area before even discussing the Blue Rayong project.

Explaining the unique selling points of the area is a tiring task. Last year alone Silversea attended more than 25 global property and trade exhibitions in all parts of the world.

Pasi said: “Last year we will have attended more exhibitions than ever to date, … but it’s something we must do.”

“Once people do get to know the town my task becomes a lot simpler. Mae Phim pretty much sells itself,” Pasi added.

During the week beaches are almost deserted but things pick up at weekends because the town has become a popular weekend escape for Thais, especially those from Bangkok.

“During the Friday rush hour I would say it is as quick to drive to Mae Phim as it is to Pattaya for those visiting from Bangkok.,” Pasi added.

Mae Phim’s attracting for Thais is the quiet beachfront and plenty of good and inexpensive restaurants. Of course there are bars but none of the “seedy” ones you would see elsewhere. Arguably that’s exactly what should be attracting more overseas buyers and investors too.

Grand Blue Condo, Pasi’s 15th project (seven of them being condominiums), is right across the beach. Sales opened last year and construction at the time of writing (end of Feb) has reached to its full structure levels.

The condo has only 72 units while the resort / hotel building will have another 70 rooms, with both blocks being built at the same time.

A key selling point for buyers and investors is they will have complete access to the hotel’s facilities as well as the location right on the beach. They will also have access to a rental service for their unit through the hotel if they wish to participate for this program.

Units at the seven-storey Grand Blue Condominium range in size from 26 sqm for a studio to 136 sqm for a penthouse. Prices start from about THB 58,000 per sqm – or THB 152 million per unit.