How are the Chinese are being targeted?

Thailand want to attract more Chinese residents through visa programme.  

It has been revealed that Henley & Partners, a global citizenship and residence advisory company, has been requested to promote Thailand Elite. The Thai government want this visa programme to be targeted to affluent Chinese migrants plus residents of Macau.

The scheme has seven options for those wishing to participate. Designed to fit with the differing needs of individuals, the ‘Elite Ultimate Privilege’ permits foreigners to live in Thailand for a period of 20 years. A multiple entry visa will be issued that is renewed on a yearly basis without the need to leave the country. The cost of the visa is approximately USD 60,000 with a USD 600 annual fee.

For those looking for a shorter term the ‘Elite Privilege Access’ grants a 10 year visa. It comes at a lower cost of USD 30,000. For many expatriates wishing to reside in Thailand, the ‘Elite Easy Access’ could fit the bill. With a one off fee of USD 15,000 a five year visa is issued. Ideal for expatriates wishing to reside in the country who do not want to secure work in order to obtain a visa.  

The programme was designed specifically for wealthy people across the world. Aimed for those keen to take advantage of Thailand’s standard of living and attractive taxes. It is also the first of its kind to include VIP membership privileges. 

The Japanese make up the biggest foreign community in Thailand. However,  data revealed from real estate firm CBRE Thailand state that they are followed by the Chinese. In fact, the number of Chinese living in Thailand has increased by 50 percent in the last five years. Thailand has remained at the top of the list of destinations for the Chinese so the promotion of these schemes are expected to strengthen this. 

The schemes aim to boast the economy and fit with the increasing desires of individuals who want to reside in more than one country. They help to attract foreign investment. Plus draw in those individuals who have successful business track records helping the local economy further.