Eco friendly ways to clean your home

Keep your home sparkling and clean with these homemade non-toxic solutions. 

The quest to help conserve the planet continues. We have already given you pointers on how to save water at home, looked at ways you can become more green at home, tips on how to save electricity and even 2018’s interior design trends are all about sustainability. If you are keen to do your part, you could even consider the type of cleaning products you use. Often laced with chemicals, once used and flushed into the water system they can damage the environment. There are a number of ways you can clean your home with homemade eco friendly solutions that cost less too.

1. Oven dish.

Stubborn stains are caused by the high heat of the oven. There are some seriously strong products on the market which will leave your oven squeaky clean but will no doubt cause you to cough a lot too whilst being used. Instead reach for the fizzy drink cola. First soak the dish in hot water and add to this washing up liquid and cola. Leave it for a couple of hours, wipe clean and any evidence of your cooking will be long gone. 

2. Kettle. 

Limescale can quickly build up in the kettle but there is no need to buy a descaler. Instead put half a cup of vinegar in the kettle and then fill it up with water. Boil the kettle twice leaving it to rest in-between. Then empty the kettle, give it a good rinse and you will be left with a kettle as good as new.

3. Sink.

Should you sink be blocked up with debris meaning that the water does not quickly run away there is no need to purchase an expensive sink unblocker. Instead pour half a cup of salt down the plug. Then follow this with half a cup of bicarbonate of soda (found in the baking section of your local supermarket) followed by half a cup of vinegar. You will hear the solution sizzling but after five minutes or so you will then need to add some boiling water from your shiny new kettle. This will immediately clear your plugs and pipes of any obstructions.

4. Surface cleaner.

You will need an empty spray bottle for this eco friendly homemade cleaner which is ideal for kitchen worktops, cleaning the fridge and also your appliances. Mix up one litre of warm water with four tablespoons baking soda. Then apply with just a clean sponge and get cleaning!