When it comes to the luxury living experience in Metro Manila, Anchor Land has long been leading the way. The developer’s newest condominium, Copeton Baysuites, builds upon this success while forging a new legacy.

Understanding the crucial role design has on real estate, Anchor Land selected respected global architecture and design company dwp for the interiors of Copeton Baysuites. They were provided a blank canvas to reimagine the luxury living experience in Metro Manila.

To accomplish this, dwp tapped into its deep insight into what modern residents require from an upscale condominium. The knowledge ensured the firm was able to truly encapsulate luxury in both design and experience for future residents, which starts with the theme of Copeton Baysuites.

“The design inspiration for this project was the diamond – the ultimate symbol of luxury. Using the diamond as the project’s overall design motif, we extended that theme across all the key finishes in the public area, including cross-cut metals and exotic stones with diagonal cuts,” Scott Whitaker, dwp Founder and Group Creative Director, tells Dot Property, “A subtle reference to exotic stones and materials provide an unmistakable yet subtle reference to enduring luxury. These features will definitely draw attention to the public’s eye and be a point of difference.”

Copeton Baysuites is set to be the residential gem of vibrant Bay Area once finished. However, dwp was mindful to balance the energy of these surroundings with a calming presence residents seek from their home.

“Manila is a bustling city that’s full of life, and although it can be attractive to live in the middle of that, we believe our residents want a quiet sanctuary to come home to,” Whitaker explains. “So, the key residential space, minimized by using the central courtyards, is secluded from the surrounding city’s hustle and bustle. When entering the Copeton Baysuites, the iconic entrance creates an immediate sense of arrival and tranquility.”

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According to Whitaker, reimagining the luxury living experience in Metro Manila also required the architecture and design company to rethink who would be calling Copeton Baysuites home.

“The difference with Copeton Baysuites is that it provides luxury facilities that cater to the entire family, not just the business executives. We imagine the buyers will be truly sophisticated internationals who understand the best in lifestyle,” Whitaker details. “We wanted to create a unique lifestyle product that is different from the standard offerings in the market in Manila and something with genuine international appeal that caters to the lifestyle of the discerning home buyer in Manila or sophisticated overseas prospects.”

A diverse range of amenities is one example of how dwp expanded the appeal of Copeton Baysuites. Significant thought and effort went into incorporating upscale areas that would cater to everyone.

“This project offers extensive private, secure facilities exclusive only to the residents, including lounges, family zones and fitness facilities,” Whitaker says. “Families can enjoy the shared facilities which cater to all ages both day and night. These include game rooms and spa and fitness areas. After a busy day at work, executives can enjoy the resident’s cinema. Additionally, the facilities are excellent for family celebrations offering a private function room for parties or events.”

Through uncompromising design, dwp has reimagined the luxury living experience in Metro Manila. From its location in the vibrant Bay Area to a breadth of amenities, Copeton Baysuites is the new symbol of residential excellence in the Philippines.

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