Angel Real Estate Consultancy
The Angel Real Estate Consultancy team is known for its work with overseas property investors

Angel Real Estate Consultancy

Year Founded: 2014

Phone: +66953866580



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Angel Real Estate Consultancy works primarily with overseas clients, both investors and end users, interested in Thailand property. In order to serve its diverse client base, the company as built a multi-lingual sales force with experts from around the globe. With more than 100 employees coming from different disciplines, including real estate, asset management, hedge fund management and finance, Angel Real Estate Consultancy brings a new perspective to property that clients can appreciate.

What makes Angel Real Estate Consultancy different?

1) The best possible products and services

Angel Real Estate Consultancy represents projects with the best location in terms of convenience, comfort and connectivity as well as one with superior amenities and facilities. It also ensures that the project guarantees an adequate amount of growth in terms of rental and capital yield.

2) Exclusive and privileged projects and services

Angel Real Estate Consultancy has exclusivity for a number of high profile projects from leading developers. The company also provides privileged care customers starting from their entry as investors until their exit as profited resellers. Only Angel Real Estate Consultancy property buyers can take advantage of the company’s aftersales property management, rental and resale services.

3) Complete property solutions

Starting from land acquisition, project financing, project marketing, project sales, documentation, title transferring, and property management to resale and rental services, Angel Real Estate Consultancy does it all.

What type of projects does Angel Real Estate Consultancy have in its portfolio?

Angel Real Estate Consultancy has a multi-lingual staff consisting of more than 100 professionals
Angel Real Estate Consultancy has a multi-lingual staff consisting of more than 100 professionals

Angel Real Estate Consultancy works with many leading Thai developers such as Major Development, Ananda, Siamese Asset, MQDC, Pruksa, LPN Development and Property Perfect. The agency focuses on projects that are located within the CBD or in the outskirts of the city centre that are priced in the mid-range segment of the market. Additionally, the company has some remarkable developments available for sale in Phuket, Pattaya and Chiangmai. All units for sale are located in high quality developments and are available at competitive prices.

Unique service 

Angel Real Estate Consultancy provides pre-existing customers as well as new investors, buyers and condo owners with the opportunity to join the firm’s exclusive Angel Club Thailand programme. Members of the club receive VVIP treatment with butler; health and medical; education; culinary and hospitality; visa; and legal services all offered. The goal of Angel Club Thailand is to provide foreign investors and buyers with any service they might need during their stay in the Kingdom. 

A global outlook 

Another unique aspect about Angel Real Estate Consultancy is the fact it can also help clients wishing to purchase property in Japan. The company recently started selling minpaku properties in Japan. Minpaku, a Japanese alternative of Airbnb, is a popular service that allows real estate investors to take advantage of Japan’s tourism boom. Angel Real Estate now represents townhouses that have minpaku permits in Osaka and will soon have similar properties in Tokyo and Hokkaido. Angel Real Estate Consultancy will be providing the same high level of property management services it offers in Thailand to investors and residents who purchase Japanese real estate.


With an outstanding range of services catering to overseas property buyers, Angel Real Estate Consultancy is a leader when it comes to buying in Thailand. In particular, the company knows what matters most to investors and provides significant value-added services. The addition of international property to the Angel Real Estate Consultancy portfolio is exciting and further separates it from the competition.