What is currently planned for One Bangkok?

One Bangkok Plans
Photo/One Bangkok - Apart from a couple of hotels, much of One Bangkok remains unannounced

There has been no shortage of buzz around One Bangkok since plans first emerged in 2018. You also can’t help but notice the flurry of activity around the site next to Lumphini Park. So, what will actually be there when its first phase opens during the early parts of 2024? Details on that have been scarce.

One Bangkok will have a total of nine towers with five containing office space, three hosting hotels and another three focused on residential. As you can tell by the numbers, some of the towers will have more than one usage. Additionally, four unique retail areas are currently in the works.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the mixed-use development will be the ‘Live Entertainment Arena,’ which will showcase concerts and other entertainment activities. Beyond that, green spaces cover more than 50 rai or almost half of the district.

All that being said, several towers remain without a name or any information on what will actually be inside apart from function. Here is what has already been announced at One Bangkok.

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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Bangkok

Among the first elements of One Bangkok to be announced was The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Bangkok. This will be the first Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Thailand’s capital and is slated to open as part of the first phase. It will occupy the lower half of a 50-story tower and feature 259 rooms.

One Bangkok Residences (TBD)

Taking up the other 25 stories of that tower is One Bangkok Residences. However, not much has been made of this since it was first announced as part of the project’s inital media blitz in 2019. Original plans called for it to have 110 ultraluxury, multi-bedroom apartments to be managed separately from the hotel.

Andaz One Bangkok

Announced in early 2022, Andaz Hotel will be the first Andaz-branded property in the capital. The 244-room property will open in 2024 as part of the first phase.

Signature Tower

It remains to be seen if Signature Tower is a placeholder name or the final product. Regardless, it will be a sight to behold once finished. It will stand 430 meters tall, becoming Thailand’s tallest building and placing it among ASEAN’s ten tallest towers. Neither has been branded as of yet, but the skyscraper will hold office space and a super luxury hotel.

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