Everyone understands the benefits Phuket real estate brings, but many people aren’t aware that Samui property investment can be just as lucrative. Demand in Samui is just as strong with more people visiting the beautiful island than ever before.

Arrivals to Samui International Airport were up 15 percent last year and the number of visitors to the island has doubled over the course of the past five years, according to research from C9 Hotelworks. And with the average length of stay for guests coming in at five days, demand for rooms throughout Samui remains strong.

For savvy investors, it is possible to enjoy the island on holiday while leveraging its popularity with tourists during the rest of the year. A smart Samui property investment offers both staggering returns and a chance to spend some time in paradise.

Sense 8 Samui Villas is among the best Samui property investments for a number of reasons. The resort’s three- and four-bedroom pool villas feature a stylish design that captures everything people love about the tropical lifestyle. Each residence boasts the indoor/outdoor living experience that’s great for lounging by the pool, enjoying an alfresco meal or simply capturing the cool breeze.

The four-bedroom villas at Sense 8 Samui Villas provide some gorgeous views of the Gulf of Thailand, a local temple, the Big Buddha and some amazing sunsets. And while the residences and resort will ensure it is popular with guests, the project’s developer has gone out of its way to guarantee Sense 8 Samui Villas are a great investment too.

Samui property investment you can bank on

Sense 8 Samui villa for sale
Sense 8 Samui offers owners a 55 percent return on investment guaranteed after five years

What sets Sense 8 Samui Villas apart from other Samui property investment opportunities is the guarantees put in place by the developer. Investors who opt into the rental management programme are supported by guaranteed rental returns of seven percent during the first five years. Additionally, the developer has a buy back guarantee in place where owners can sell their villa for 120 percent of the purchase price after five years.

When you factor in both programmes, owners of a residence at Sense 8 Samui Villas can take advantage of a 55 percent return on investment guaranteed after five years. And this is just half the story.

Those who participate in the rental management programme can enjoy up to five free weeks of villa usage annually. An outstanding Samui property investment with guaranteed returns and a chance to spend some time in paradise can be found at Sense 8 Samui Villas.

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