Bask in the benefits of dual citizenship

Obtaining dual citizenship for Europe is made easy with overseas property investment.  

For some dual citizenship is seen as a golden ticket. It gives the person more choice as to where they can reside and work. It allows that person more freedom if they are looking to live abroad. Or split their time between more than one country. 

If you have parents of two differing countries then this status can easily be achieved. In some case you can obtain multiple citizenship this way depending on each country’s requirements. However there are other means in gaining dual citizenship too. 

The prospect of dual citizenship in Europe continues to be very attractive. Being granted citizenship within the European Union allows that person to move freely within the member states. Ensuring that they can take advantage of the lifestyle, education, employment or business opportunities that are on offer. Over the years that have been a number of schemes granting citizenship of a said country in return for investing in that country. Property is one popular way in doing this.

Initiated to entice more foreign investors to purchase property for citizenship in return. Real estate developer Pafilia have made this even easier with their attractive scheme in Cyprus. 

Nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus enjoys enjoys over 340 days of sunshine every year. Rich in history and culture, it has been a tourist hotspot due to its attractive qualities and strategic location. Well connected to the three continents it sits amongst, air travel is widely accessible for travel further afield. Consequently it has become a haven for those looking to enjoy its favourable tax benefits, climate, and food and drink.

Becoming a citizen of Cyprus is within arm’s reach. Invest in a property that costs a minimum of EUR 2 million and you will automatically be granted citizenship of Cyprus, and additionally also the European Union. All achieved within three months with the expert help of Pafilia.

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