7 reasons Phuket isn’t just for holidays

Phuket Old Town

Learn why Phuket is a great place to live and not just a holiday destination. 

Think of Phuket and you will probably think of holidaying on this Thai island. However there is more to its white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water than meets the eye. Phuket offers a great lifestyle and low cost of living for those wanting to set up home on this island paradise. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. Lifestyle.

Those who love Thailand but find Bangkok all a bit too much opt for Phuket instead. It’s laid back persona suits those who would prefer not to rush through life and get caught up in the rat race. 

2. Beach life.

Beaches aren’t just for holidaying but they are a great place to exercise or spend time with your friends or family. Phuket has more beaches than days of the week, so depending on whether you want somewhere to exercise on, to sip a cocktail, as a landing point to adventure into the underwater world or a hidden cove to explore. There is something suited to whatever your mood.

3. Amenities.

It can be easy to think that life on an island is just about the beaches. But this is not the case. Phuket has international schools, hospitals, shopping options, all types of restaurants, water parks, evening entertainment, and plenty of other attractions. All within easy reach to make life easy.

4. Sport.

Phuket is a mecca for golfers. Aside from a whole host of water based sports such as kayaking, diving or wake boarding, the island is ideally suited to those who want to lead an active life and want to partake in cycling, hiking or yoga.

5. Off the beaten track.

Think of Phuket and you may think of Patong, Kata or Suin. Whilst each has their own draws, there are probably not the hangouts of the locals. It is possible to get off the beaten track. Even Phuket Town rich in Sino Portuguese heritage is a great place to soak up culture. Head up to the hills to feel like you are a million miles away from the crowds of the tourists or to visit a local vineyard. 

6. Regional hub.

There are countless flights that operate out of Phuket. Flying within the region such as to Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong, and even further afield to Russia, the Middle East and Europe. This makes getting in and out of Phuket a breeze and ideal for those who either want a holiday home on the island or who need to travel for business.

7. Accommodation.

Phuket is teeming with accommodation options. From condominiums to villas, there is something for every style and budget. Take time to consider what is the best type of property for your needs and the options on Phuket will not disappoint. 

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