3 ways to save energy during the holiday season

Real estate agent tips for the holidays ways to save energy during the holiday season
Keep holiday decorations simple this year will also help keep your electric bill down

While lighting up the house or condo in years past wasn’t an issue, it will cost you a pretty penny in 2022. That means you need to find ways to save energy during the holiday season if you’re going to avoid a lump of coal arriving in your stocking in the form of a sky-high utilities bill.

The name of the game here is reduction. Where can you lessen electric use on holiday decorations during the next month? This should help you fend off a massive spike on your next utilities bill, although you still may end up paying a little more.

With that in mind, here are three ways to save energy during the holiday season.

1) Switch to LED lights

If you haven’t switched to LED lights for your Christmas Tree and other areas, now is really the time to do so. These are more durable and use less electricity than traditional lights. They are also more affordable than you may realize and look just as good as those glass bulbs. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about LED lights getting hot and melting plastic ornaments.

2) Focus on non-electricity consuming exterior decorations

Look, you might love to festively light up the exterior of your house, or balcony and windows if you live in a condo. But will it really be worth the cost this year? Perhaps the biggest way to save energy during the holiday season is to utilize exterior decorations that don’t use power. It may not wow your neighbors or passersby, but they won’t be around when it comes time to pay the electric bill.

3) Turn the lights off when you leave

This should seem obvious, but countless people keep their holiday lights turned on when they leave the house. There is absolutely no reason for the Christmas Tree to be lit up if nobody is home. You are literally paying for nothing when doing this.

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