Wealth Asset Group spares no expense in creating outstanding projects and meaningful investments

Wealth Asset Group
Wealth Asset Group at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020

Wealth Asset Group has elevated the standard of Pattaya real estate in the past year. This much is evident by collecting three awards at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020 including Best Developer (Boutique Resorts). The developer has shown the ability and vision required to go beyond luxury living in Pattaya with the end result being projects that are unrivaled in terms of design, liveability or investment potential.

The Rhine Condominium has turned a lot of heads in Pattaya due to its ‘more than luxury’ philosophy. Developer Wealth Asset Group wanted to go beyond the upscale condo experience to offer property buyers a truly special residence. No expense was spared in the firm’s pursuit of residential perfection.

“The uniqueness and success of The Rhine Condominium comes down to our determination to offer a quality product,” Khun Ao Varinnicha Tangraintong CEO Wealth Asset Group, explains. “That Includes our mock-up room, investment program with guaranteed returns and our concept that is more than luxury. This is beyond a residence.”

Located in Pratumnak, a lot of effort was also put into ensuring The Rhine Condominium was a place that everyone could enjoy. From the stunning residences with luxurious finishes to the wide array of facilities, the project is a modern sanctuary for those staying here.

Wealth Asset Group wins three times at Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020:

  • Best Developer (Boutique Resorts)
  • Best Boutique Condotel (Rental Program) – The Rhine Condominium
  • Best Innovative Investment Product – The Rhine Condominium

“Every time people visit a property like a condominium, it’s not always relaxing,” Khun Ao says. “Our concept focuses on the full range of facilities that bring enjoyment for all families and generations.”

Khun Ao Varinnicha Tangraintong CEO Wealth Asset Group
Khun Ao Varinnicha Tangraintong CEO Wealth Asset Group (left)

A great deal of consideration was also put into creating the project’s investment program. Unit owners are promised a rental guarantee of eight percent annually during the first five years in addition to being able to stay at the condominium for up to 27 days each year. A 110 percent buyback option is available as well.

“Regarding the investment program at The Rhine Condominium, this is not a new concept, but ours is a superior offer to others,” Khun Ao proclaims. “We always think that customers deserve a straightforward revenue scheme providing excellent returns, so that is what we have done with our program.”

It’s safe to say the project is different from any other condominium on the market and Khun Ao reports that sales have been brisk with buyers attracted to project’s overall quality. While many residential developments in Pattaya promise the luxury residential experience, the launch of The Rhine Condominium has gone beyond those promises to elevate the entire property market.

Speaking of the Pattaya property market, The Rhine Condominium is well positioned to take advantage of the region’s future growth. The city hasn’t been immune to the COVID-19 pandemic with tourism having declined significantly, but CBRE recently released a report highlighting the Eastern Seaboard’s long-term potential.

“Pattaya is a continuously-growing city that keeps developing, including EEC and areas expected to help elevate this part of Thailand. Pattaya is close to Bangkok, and the city has both Thai and foreign tourists,” Khun Ao says. “During current situation, Thai tourists still visit Pattaya. But the city’s tourism sector still has a lot of room for growth.”

Wealth Asset Group builds a foundation for success

The Rhine Condominium
The Rhine Condominium was designed with a ‘more than luxury’ philosophy

For Khun Ao, the launch of The Rhine Condominium is the culmination of a lot of hard work over the years. She has learned the ins-and-outs of the real estate industry firsthand, gaining valuable experiences along the way.

“I have been in the real estate industry for about ten years. Even as a minor agent, I planned to become a developer, but my dad taught me that it is necessary to learn every step completely before starting any business. So, I worked for a contractor in sales. And I worked as a senior marketing and sales manager of various companies, some which weren’t successful,” Khun Ao recounts.

She continues, “Even when I worked for those companies that weren’t successful, I was still able to learn what errors can happen in business. My previous experiences taught me how to work and achieve success. The key is minimizing errors and making each project perfect.”

Despite being a relatively young developer, Wealth Asset Group is primed for long-term success. The firm has THB50 million in registered capital with no bank debts. Additionally, Khun Ao has put a strong team in place to ensure the company can reach its ambitions and offer clients the best.

“We plan to be the best, but this is the goal of everyone. The key achievement we hope to accomplish is to become a public company. From design and aftersales service to products and quality, we want to make sure our clients are getting the best,” Khun Ao explains. “We believe that being sincere and honest with our customers will help take us to the top.”