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Issue 12 | Feature brought to you by VIP Kata Condominiums

Phuket’s savviest beach side investment

In an age of economic uncertainty there can be no safer way to store your money than in simple and mortar. With property prices in Thailand rising rapidly, a condominium offers not just a perfect holiday home or permanent residence, but a high yield, risk free investment.

Statistics show that sales of condominiums rose rapidly in the fourth quarter of 2015 making this one of the most successful segments of the market. In this climate it is no surprise that demand for the brand new VIP Kata Condominiums in Phuket is already exceeding expectations.

Phuket remains one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. It combines beautiful beaches and a tropical climate, with the type of infrastructure you would expect to see in a major Western city.

As well as being a stone’s throw away from the beach, The VIP Kata Condominiums are just a short drive away from international schools, international hospitals and even an international airport making the location both desirable and accessible.

Phuket 9 Group, developer of VIP Kata Condominiums, has already launched a number of successful projects in Phuket. Andrey Kozhushnyy, chief executive officer of Phuket 9, believes anyone investing in The VIP Kata Condominiums is making a long term sound financial investment;

“What we are finding is that people are initially interested in these condominiums because of the area they are in and the quality of the construction. However I think the major selling point is that buyers are guaranteed an 8 percent annual return on investment for seven years, while recent trends suggest the value of the property will rise by at least 10 per cent per year.”

That means buyers who don’t intend to occupy their condominiums immediately will be able to effortlessly recoup a substantial annual return on an investment that is likely to constantly increase in value.

VIP Kata Condominiums represent what is referred to in the industry as a ‘passive investment.’ This means that buyers who wish to receive an immediate rental income can do so without any form of ‘hands on’ involvement in the process as Kozhushnyy explains;

“Phuket 9 is responsible for every aspect of rental organisation and management for property in the rental guarantee program. This includes finding tenants, managing check in and check out, providing on-site support, conducting repairs, arranging utilities such as rubbish, electricity, cable TV and internet access, providing security and conducting garden maintenance. Investors do not have to worry about any of this, and can relax in the certainty of a guaranteed return.”

It is not just from a financial perspective than buyers will be able to relax. Resisting the temptation to spend at least some of the year in Phuket could be tough when you are in possession of a beautiful new condominium sandwiched between two of the most attractive beaches the island has to offer.

The first question anyone asks before renting or buying a holiday home is inevitably ‘how close is the beach? At VIP KATA Condominiums the answer is ‘very’.

According to Kozhushnyy, anyone wanting to feel the sand beneath their feet before plunging into the Andaman Sea won’t have to walk very far at all;

“There are two superb beaches within walking distance of the VIP KATA Condominiums. Kata Beach, a beautiful bay with white sands and clear waters is just 500 metres away while Karon Beach, a stunning wide beach with excellent opportunities for watersports, is just 900 metres from the condominiums.”

The VIP KATA Condominiums are located in a highly sought after area where property prices have a proven track record of rising. But Kozhushnyy believes that what really sets it apart from other developments is the level of attention to detail;

“Condominiums in this development are furnished and decorated to standards representing the pinnacle of modern luxury and style. Our design consultants are inspired by a mixture of modern influences and traditional Thai themes.”

Kozhushnyy is understandably proud of his company’s track record of seeing through successful projects like the Rawai VIP Villas. He feels prospective buyers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are dealing with a well-established company that enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry;

“In terms of construction Phuket 9 is proud to create developments that meet the highest standards. We plan our projects meticulously, and our clients have been delighted with the results.”

The expression ‘safe as houses’ is centuries old but it still holds true today. Property prices in Phuket continue to rise regardless of the economic climate and that’s why VIP KATA Condominiums can be both your personal home in paradise and a lucrative long term investment.