Trio of Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019 winners think differently

Utopia Corporation
Utopia Corporation won Best Developer Phuket at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019

Innovation, a willingness to think differently and embracing new trends are important for companies in the real estate industry. Developers must be able to adapt and change with the market to ensure they build the right products while real estate agencies must leverage cutting-edge techniques to cater to the ever-changing demands of clients. The Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019 honoured three companies that best embrace the spirit of this.  

Utopia Corporation Co., Ltd. – Best Developer Phuket 

Utopia Development
A look at a Utopia Corporation project in Phuket

Utopia Corporation Co., Ltd has a portfolio of Phuket projects that has caught the eye of global real estate investors. The firm holds itself to international standards ensuring the highest possible quality at each of its Phuket developments. Utopia utilises Australian design and has its own award-winning construction company to ensure all of its goals are met.

Clients trust Utopia for a number of different reasons. Firstly, the firm takes pride in carefully developing dream properties based on the preferences of its customers. Additionally, Utopia views client relations as a partnership, not a transaction. They go to great lengths to work with perspective buyers and ensure satisfaction. Finally, the developer owns all the land it is developing and is supported by capital from its parent company. This means it is not dependant on local banks and pre-sales to carry out work. This makes it truly unique among Phuket developers and one worthy of being named the best.

New Nordic Group – Best Innovative Investment Product

New Nordic Group
New Nordic Group

New Nordic Group has revolutionised property investment in global tourist destinations for 10 years now. In Thailand, the firm is behind outstanding resort developments in Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket and Chumpon that cater to needs to investors looking for a lucrative, hands-free opportunity without the risks or troubles of a traditional real estate investment. 

The willingness of New Nordic Group to reimagine what a property investment product could and should deliver allowed it to claim the award for Best Innovative Investment Product at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019.

Plus Property – Box Brownie Special Recognition Award for Online Marketing 2019

Plus Property
Plus Property

New for the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019 was the Box Brownie Special Recognition Award for Online Marketing. Plus Property was presented with the very special honour judged by the team from Box Brownie. The award is presented to the Thailand-based real estate agency that demonstrates skilful use of online marketing strategies.