4 top tips to quickly sell or rent your property

The length of time it takes for you to sell or rent your property depends on a number of factors. This includes location, price, condition and the age of the property. Most property owners want to sell or rent their property quickly to start generating an income or to invest in another property. 

In order to quickly secure your property a new owner or a new tenant, follow this top tips for a seamless transaction. 

1. Presentation, presentation, presentation 
Today people are time short. Prospective renters and purchasers spend considerable time looking at properties online before they go out to view, therefore it is imperative that your property not only looks great in the photos but in reality too. Consider painting the property in a neutral but modern colour – a light grey rather than a magnolia. Finish off any outstanding do-it-yourself jobs, declutter and make the most of your property’s best features to maximise the chances of attracting a buyer or tenant quickly.

2. Be realistic 
Real estate agents want your business. Therefore contact a few agents to gain their thoughts on a suitable price and be wary if one values your property considerably higher – is it just because they want your property on their books? Alternatively if you are not in a rush to sell your property, some real estate agents will often suggest an asking price significantly higher than the price they actually expect to achieve in order to ‘test the market’. Choose a good agent and be conscious that as the Internet is a vital tool for any purchaser or renter that they will see if your property has sat on the market for a while. It is likely to become stale and they will question what is wrong with the property for it to have not be sold or rented and discount it. Being realistic will attract serious buyers and renters, and it only takes one person to walk through the door for the deal to be done!

Girl-With-SmartPhone3. Pick up the phone
Don’t be afraid to chase. Your lawyer or agent may be dealing with a number of transactions at any one time, so keep your property at the top of their priority list by communicating regularly with them. Question any delays and see if there is anything you can do to speed the process up. Be proactive. 

4. Preparation is key 
Not only do you need to be prepared before your property goes on the market to make sure that it stands out from the crowd, but once it is on the market don’t sit back. If you are selling a property line up a law firm to assist with the sale, and make sure your finances are in place should you be purchasing another property. Have all the property’s details to hand ready for any questions should they arise to speed up the process. Likewise if you are letting your property, make sure it is ready for your tenants – check that everything is in working order, you have enough sets of keys, that you have an up-to-date inventory, the property is clean and you (or your agent) has a tenancy agreement to hand.