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No one could have imagined just how the condominium market in Bangkok would have taken off 30 years ago. Some of Phuket’s most popular real estate destinations were little more than afterthoughts less than two decades ago. The moral of the story is that property investors need to look at the bigger picture when searching for what’s next.

Backed by a strong local economy, significant infrastructure investment and a lifestyle people love, Thailand real estate’s next big thing is Khon Kaen and developer 8Villas is at the forefront of this movement.

One of the biggest misnomers people have about Khon Kaen, and all of Isan for that matter, is that it is rural. Over the past decade, the region has blossomed due in large part to massive economic growth of 40 percent from 2007 to 2011. In the decade since that boom, spending power has increased, and the property market has blossomed.

Both overseas and local property buyers are drawn to Khon Kaen for the same reasons. Firstly, the city has a rustic charm. The people are friendly, the surroundings are peaceful and it provides a family-oriented lifestyle that can be hard to find elsewhere.

“There is just so much warmth here. It’s friendly and authentic. The pace of life is amazing. You are surrounded by the countryside. But the little conveniences, like Central Plaza and Big C, are just around the corner. You don’t have to sacrifice anything,” Brian, the Sales and Marketing Manager at 8Villas, explains.

Secondly, the city is safe from natural disaster. There is no threat from tsunamis, earthquakes are not an issue and the flooding risk is minimal. Finally, Khon Kaen is only a 45-minute flight from Bangkok.

Khon Kaen Airport is currently undergoing extensive renovations that will allow it to handle five million passengers annually and increase the number of destinations available to travelers. And this is only one of several infrastructure projects that is set to transform the region into a transport hub that serves a key link between Southeast Asia and China.

The city is located along the second phase of the Sino-Thai high-speed railway that will eventually connect Bangkok to Kunming in China. Local officials are confident this will spur business and provide new opportunities. It will also make Khon Kaen attractive for companies looking to expand their presence in both Thailand and Asia as a whole.

Simply put, Khon Kaen truly offers it all. The general livability is outstanding. Its investment potential is unmatched in Thailand. According to Brian, this is the chance to get in on the ground floor of something special.

“Khon Kaen, and Isan as a whole, are brimming with potential that’s begging to be tapped into,” Brian states. “People who visit, love it here. It’s a great place to be. A family-oriented place that has those traditional values people still care about. This combination livability and investment potential makes it truly special.”

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8Villas brings a unique vision to Khon Kaen real estate

Thailand real estate’s next big thing
8Villas was the first developer to launch international-quality residences in Khon Kaen

To understand 8Villas, it’s important to know their motivation. Not only does the management boast a wealth of international real estate experience, but they have lived in Khon Kaen for years. It is the place they are proud to call home.

“We are part of the Khon Kaen community. For us, this isn’t simply about building houses and selling them,” Brian details. “We live in our developments. It is important to us that our projects are comfortable because we are here all the time. This is our home.”

The process starts by finding a suitable location. Management looks to find land that speaks to them. A place that inspires them to create. No one looks at residential development quite like 8 Villas in Khon Kaen and even Thailand as a whole.

An outstanding example of this can be found at 8Villas Riverside, the homebuilder’s latest project. They saw the potential for something entirely different. A place where they could tell a story. The end result is a majestic estate that is close to the city but surrounded by peace and quiet. It is a safe neighborhood where everyone can feel comfortable and at home.

“The details and unique architecture of 8Villas is a first for Northeast Thailand. It’s luxurious and unique,” Brian states. “It was important for us to offer a different perspective to building in this part of Thailand. We knew the demand for luxury housing was here, but no one was doing it. Unlike other developers who acquire a plot and build a cookie cutter project that is focused on revenue, our approach provides us with the freedom to do what no one else is doing.”

8Villas was the first developer in Isan to build pool villas. It is a style people love and everyone is familiar with in Thailand. However, you couldn’t find many homes with a pool in Khon Kaen before the first project from 8Villas was launched. The management team looked into why it wasn’t being done and worked to find a solution that made it possible.

“No one was building pool villas in Khon Kaen because residents didn’t want the hassle of maintaining a pool. The solution to that was actually quite simple,” Brian points out. “Pools at our residences are cared for each week. Maintenance is scheduled and carried out seamlessly. It is part of the bespoke experience 8Villas provides to ensure residents enjoy a worry-free experience.”

Each home also features a number of other small but important features that make daily life convenient. Case in point, villas come equipped with indoor and outdoor kitchens that provide greater flexibility when it comes to preparing meals. This may seem minor, but those who have lived in Thailand know just how crucial it is.

Attention has also been paid to the layout with indoor and outdoor spaces connected to give the homes life. Open indoor areas flow into sweeping outdoor areas. This design concept was very deliberate in order to maximize both space and privacy.

Quality and community

8Villas Khon Kaen house for sale
8Villas focuses on building developments that boast both privacy and community

There are two things you get when buying a residence at an 8Villas development that you can’t find anywhere else in Khon Kaen–quality and community. The developer values both these characteristics highly and goes above and beyond to incorporate them at all projects.

“We control the entire building process ensuring the highest quality. We have a team of contractors to carry out construction. Every last detail is looked after. Even something as small as the placement of an electrical outlet is considered,” Brian says. “Quality control is a big part of what we do at 8Villas. We double, triple and even quadruple check everything at all of our villas. We have engineers on staff to make sure everything is done right.”

What’s more, the 8Villas team is always happy to answer any questions you might have. The process is very transparent because they are invested in creating the highest quality residential experience possible. They don’t want to simply sell you a house.

“This isn’t a transactional relationship. Our clients become friends and family. And really, that’s because 8 Villas is a family business. We take care of each other and look after one another,” Brian details. “We are always here to help our owners. Customers constantly phone us up. You don’t get that kind of bond elsewhere.”

If you visit an 8Villas project, you can’t help but notice a genuine sense of community among residents. There is a family-friendly atmosphere that can be difficult to find just about anywhere in the world these days.

“It is important for us to provide both community and security. People feel safe here and they feel like their privacy is respected. However, we also go out of our way to make sure everyone feels welcome by setting up communal areas,” Brian notes. “During COVID-19, this was very important. Everyone felt safe here and like they could have their own space while still seeing one another. It truly felt like we were all in this together. You don’t get that in other developments.”

A smart investment in Thailand real estate’s next big thing

8Villas Khon Kaen property
The potential of Khon Kaen makes it Thailand real estate’s next big thing

Khon Kaen is Thailand real estate’s next big thing. Not only are land prices rising, but there is real demand in the city for high-quality residences. It’s something 8Villas has seen firsthand over the years.

“Many of our buyers have purchased multiple homes, one for residence and one for rent, due to the fact houses never sit empty,” Brian reports. “The 8Villa residences that are available for rent never hit the open market. Some tenants have been renting at 8 Villas since the project was first completed.”

Unlike other developers that rely on guaranteed returns to attract buyers, 8Villas doesn’t need such programs. For starters, renting out a home in Khon Kaen is much easier than in Bangkok or somewhere else.

“8Villas is great from a financial standpoint, regardless of if you’re buying to live or buying as an investment. You’re going to see returns and appreciation. And more importantly, when you want to sell, demand for your home will be there as well,” Brian states.

Ultimately, Khon Kaen is liveable and investable. And the true potential of the city is only starting to be realized. If you’re looking for Thailand real estate’s next big thing, this is it. And with its unique vision for high-quality residences that provide a true sense of community, 8Villas is leading the way.

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