Thailand real estate agents benefit from representing London property

Thailand real estate agents sell London property

There is no doubt that now is a profitable time to be a Thailand real estate agent. Soaring overseas interest in Thai property coupled with solid local demand has benefited both Thai and expat real estate agents.

Of course, this has led to an increase in competition as more people look to get a piece of the Thai property pie. There is a way to increase your revenue without necessarily needing to spend more or fight harder. Representing London residential developments is a great way to diversify your portfolio with properties that are in demand. 

Thai buyers continue to seek out London real estate despite continuing Brexit uncertainty. They have been able to take advantage of a weaker pound as well as the strong Thai baht. These factors have made London property more affordable than ever before.

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“There was a significant increase in London property buying activity after Brexit. Many Thais saw it as a good time to buy,” Bangkok property expert Surachet Kongcheep told Thailand Property earlier this year. “Interest will remain steady in the short term with the majority of Thai buyers using cash to pay for their property. While cost isn’t an issue for many buyers, units in the mid-range segment remain the most popular.”

And it is not just Thai buyers scooping up London property. Expats based in Thailand, especially those from the UK, are also leveraging the current market conditions to nab London homes.

Both groups of buyers are finding it easier to work with Thailand real estate agents than those from the UK. That’s because property agents based in the Kingdom can assist with transaction and being local means there are less logistical issues such as scheduling meeting times.

Thailand real estate agents can partner with GIHLondon

Anthology Wembley Parade for sale
Anthology Wembley Parade is one of the many GIHLondon projects Thailand real estate agents can represent

GIHLondon is an independent, Hong Kong-based operation with more than 30 years of experience in assisting London residential property investors. The firm works with local real estate agents who wish to represent the firm’s outstanding London real estate developments such as Anthology Wembley Parade and Hoxton Press.

The company has an excellent track record of success, facilitating 200 sales per year on average. GIHLondon has generated a total value in excess of UKP 1.5 billion to date. The firm focuses on building, marketing, furnishing and letting properties on behalf of its clients. GIHLondon utilises a turnkey service to provide clients with a fully-managed property investment.

Units offered by GIHLondon are designed and located to maximise returns for investors. Clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they are acquiring a commoditised property that can be judged by performance alone. This differs from most other real estate investments that usually look to entice sales based on an emotional angle. 

GIHLondon also offers generous commissions to agents. These are set between three and five percent meaning Thailand real estate agents can greatly benefit from the growing demand for London property.

Want to know more about representing London real estate? GIHLondon is hosting an agent networking event on 30 October at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. You will have to opportunity to learn more about the company and its range of developments in London 

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