Thailand Property brings price data to property searches

Thailand Property now has price data in its searches

Thailand Property launched its Buyers’ Edge technology that empowers users with in-depth price data that’s easy to understand. Those searching for property on the website will now have access to exciting information including the average selling price for various unit types in a specific building and price per square metre for all developments in a select neighbourhood.

“Homebuyers want as much information as possible when searching for property online. While it’s easy to find data on location and amenities, property portals usually only list the price of a specific unit which means users are forced to search far and wide to compare prices,” Adam Sutcliffe, Thailand Property Managing Director, explains. “Thailand Property’s Buyers’ Edge technology simplifies this by adding price information to listings. When a user selects a property on our website, they will be able to see price data for the development it’s located in as well as the entire neighbourhood.”

There are two unique components to Buyers’ Edge: Project Insight and Market Insight. Project Insight provides Thailand Property users with information on how many units are for sale, the average selling price for various unit types and information on rents in a specific project. Market Insight presents price data, including median price, price per square metre and rental data, for all developments in the neighbourhood.

Adam Sutcliffe, managing director at Thailand Property
Adam Sutcliffe, managing director at Thailand Property

“When someone finds a property they like on Thailand Property’s website, they will not only see how much it costs, but how much similar units in the building cost as well as how the price compares to other projects in the neighbourhood,” Sutcliffe states. “Buyers’ Edge gives homebuyers the price information they need to make an informed decision without having to search for hours on end.”

However, it is not just potential homebuyers who benefit from Buyers’ Edge technology. Sellers who list their home on Thailand Property’s website will also be able to use this data to great effect.

“Just because two units are for sale in the same building doesn’t mean they are equal. Sellers who are asking for a higher price will be able to see this and better explain the difference to potential buyers,” Sutcliffe says.

Buyers’ Edge was developed exclusively by Thailand Property and is currently the only property portal in the country to offer price data alongside project information and a mortgage calculator as part of its real estate listings. The firm believes this innovation is the next step in providing a seamless homebuying experience online.

“Thailand Property continues to find new and exciting ways to innovate how homebuyers search for a home online. It’s important Thailand’s tech and information savvy population has all the tools it needs when searching online for real estate and Thailand Property is committed to providing these,” Sutcliffe concludes.