Siam Real Estate launches Thailand Virtual Property Purchase program

Thailand Virtual Property Purchase Siam Real Estate
The Thailand Virtual Property Purchase program from Siam Real Estate allows you to buy property outside the country

The main obstacle facing many overseas buyers interested in Thailand property at the moment is logistics. They believe not being in the Kingdom makes it impossible to purchase real estate. That’s no longer the case thanks to the Thailand Virtual Property Purchase program launched by Siam Real Estate.

Regardless of if you’re in the market for an investment property, beachfront villa or anything else, Siam Real Estate can make it happen without you needing to physically be in Thailand. Believe it or not, everything can be done from your home country.

The process starts when you schedule a date and time to view the property of your choice. When it’s time for the appointment, a qualified, professional property consultant from Siam Real Estate will initiate a video call, show you around the property, explore the location and answer any questions you may have in real time.

Should you decide to buy, Siam Real Estate will begin the Thailand Virtual Property Purchase program which involves four key steps:

  1. Complete a specific power of attorney using the Land Office form. Siam Real Estate will email that form to you in English (for your reference) and a Thai version for you to print out and sign.
  2. Forms are taken to a notary public lawyer or Thai embassy for the purchaser/seller to sign and get witnessed.
  3. Finally, the POA form is sent by courier to Siam Real Estate along with a passport picture page signed.
  4. Buyers/sellers can wire deposit funds to Siam Real Estate’s Secure Client Account or their chosen law firm client account. Siam Real Estate or the chosen law firm will then issue a cashier’s check for the final purchase and can assist in repatriating funds to sellers in their home country. 

Once that’s complete, the land office in Thailand will transfer the property regardless of if you’re in Thailand or not. The processing time varies from country to country, but normally takes 16-20 days, according to Siam Real Estate.

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