The Rise of the Property Personal Shopper: A New Era of Real Estate Purchasing in Thailand

The Property Personal Shopper from NPP Realty & Consultants
The Property Personal Shopper from NPP Realty & Consultants is a professionalized and tailor-made real estate service

For many years the Property Personal Shopper has been around in many countries. Now it’s time for Thailand, NPP Realty & Consultants are Thailand’s first and only most prestigious Property Personal Shopper.

In the world of high-end consumption, Personal Shoppers can be found at very high-end shopping malls including Central Chitlom, Siam Paragon and Icon Siam. Personal Shoppers make finding the products HNWIs want as accessible as possible.

A concept that was generated in the 1980s to support those people with high purchasing power without the free time to select the products or prefer to deal with professionals only. They require and appreciate luxury treatment and services. As the property market in Thailand has expanded exponentially in recent years, many feel that it has become a depersonalized industry. NPP Realty & Consultants Managing Partners Natcha Boonkrong and Pondphat Saimuey believed that the whole of the property industry needs to offer professionalized and tailor-made service once more.

“A Game Changer”

NPP Realty & Consultants Managing Partners Natcha Boonkrong and Pondphat Saimuey
NPP Realty & Consultants Managing Partners Natcha Boonkrong and Pondphat Saimuey

With all industries, the Property Personal Shopper researches a deep acknowledgment of their client’s needs allowing them to organize and arrange focused products that are of interest consequently saving both time and money.

At NPP Realty & Consultants we ensure that we have a profound understanding of the individual client, in-depth knowledge of the market, vast connections in the industry to customize the right product and information directly to our clients.

Complexity of Real Estate

The property market is the perfect market place for Property Personal Shoppers. The more complex a market, the higher the need for personal shoppers. The real estate market, particularly in Thailand is complicated especially owing to the following factors:

The general complexity of the real estate sector: wide range of characteristics all determined by customer satisfaction. Geographical elements, quality of construction, budget, ownership types and even visa application can be affected. The enormous supply of inventory can mean time reliant investments only. 

The fact that property purchases are often the largest purchase of a person’s life means the quality of data and information presented must be reliable. 

The sheer amount of misinformation that is throughout the property market in Thailand makes support vital. 

“Hassle Free Service”

Property Personal Shopper
The Property Personal Shopper handles everything including legal aspects of the transaction

The complexity of dealing with outside agencies or language barrier such as the Land department, government district, local banks. 

The legal aspects involved requires third party advice to ensure integrity of potential deals. Especially when buying property in Thailand, sound legal advice is essential.

The real estate sector requires such a degree of specialization that the concept of Personal Shopper has been growing around the world since the 1990s.

Make the Impossible Possible: The difference between a Property Agent and Property Personal Shopper

NPP Realty & Consultants' Personal Property Shopper service is perfect
NPP Realty & Consultants’ Personal Property Shopper service ensures you find the best property

There is an abundance of Property Agents in Thailand. They act as a brokerage between seller and buyer. With a Property Personal Shopper, we act on behalf of the buyer. Remaining and consulting with the buyer alongside throughout the property purchasing process and beyond often working time and time again with the same clients through purchases and sales. 

NPP Realty & Consultants as Personal Property Shopper’s are dedicated to help our clients and we always go over and above. Tirelessly sourcing, critically analyzing and exclusively presenting market reports with the right properties and products for each individual. Even if we have to initiate the deal or to find creative alternative solutions for each individuals’ we remain in service side by side with our clients. We advocate our client’s right, defend the buyer’s benefits and negotiate the best deal for our clients.

As with many other sectors, the Property Personal Shopper has developed through a gradual process of specialization ensuring a deepening subject specific knowledge in areas of interest and specialization in high valued properties such as Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, the Ritz Carlton Bangkok, The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, the Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski or other branded residences in Thailand. We will do whatever it takes with or beyond our power to match you with your dream home.

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